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Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by talking about an anarchist’s ball, which alleged that White Nationalists claim to be descended from kings and philosophers and not working men. MP thinks the Left is stuck with an old view of Nationalists being like White Supremacists from 70 years ago. Today we promote neo-tribalism and class co-operation, which is the opposite of supremacy. MH points out that there are many distinctly different trains of thought among White Nationalists, yet the Left just assumes we all think the same way. We are all grounded in our organic identity, but there is a lot more diversity among our movement than the Left appear to be aware of.

The majority of the Alt-Right comes from the descendants of those who were displaced by Black slaves, not the slave holders themselves. The descendants of the slave holders are the most Liberal types there are, who call for more diversity and more multiculturalism, yet it is us who get the blame for slavery, when our ancestors were also enslaved just like the Blacks. We are the same race that gave us Leonardo De Vinci and Isaac Newton, but we are also the same race that built the cities and the railroads. We have a right to claim both types of people as our own and we identify with both.

Public universities which are supposed to be beacons of free speech and challenge the students, are now saying that if you do not agree with the Leftist narrative then you must be silenced. A chancellor from a university in America has said just this today and the conversation now moves around to discussing the ramifications of this. MH experienced this first hand when they tried to shut down his White Student Union and today it has got even worse, yet they call this progress. The old system that let the free flow of ideas thrive, is being reigned in and silenced in exchange for Marxist ideas that benefit Blacks and Jews and encourage Blacks to see themselves as being oppressed by the Whites who have given them everything. The Black football player that refused to stand for the anthem had been given everything, yet he still sees himself as being separate to the rest of America. This is because he is separate to the rest of America and he should really be asking to be moved away from us, if he was really serious about what he is saying. There is nothing wrong with supporting your own people, so why is supporting team Whitey not encouraged like this Black football player has been?

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Team Whitey – DT 090216

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