The Daily Traditionalist: The Weaponized Education System


Ben Raymond joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and starts by addressing the issue of moderating the message now that we are having success. Ben thinks this comes from a position of weakness and that these people will be the first to throw us under the bus as soon as they get a chance. He uses a recent example from Finland to demonstrate this, as the True Finns are now supporting calls to silence the Nordic Resistance Movement after one of their members defended himself against an attack by a Leftist who then died a week later. Instead of standing in support of the NRM, the civic nationalists joined the enemy in condemning them.

Although the Left may have laid the groundwork for the advance of Cultural Marxism and Islamic immigration, it is the Right that has expanded this legislation. In Britain the 'Prevent' strategy that is supposed to identify radical Islamists before they blow themselves up, has now been directed against patriots. Even children looking at the UKIP website have been pulled in by the Police under this organisation’s instruction.

Our education institutions have been turned into surveillance operations tasked with finding young Nationalists and targeting them for diversity brainwashing and worse. Even the curriculum has been turned against us, teaching White children to feel guilty and encouraging the invaders to feel entitled to take over our lands. The recent instance of a Moslem female shrieking at a White man that his own Australian university is not for him, is an example of this. We also have the recent news story that universities wish to increase the non-White population in universities five-fold and the way they want to do this is by teaching them how great brown people are and how evil White people are.

Matt talks about his experience at Towson University, how in the seventies Black militants stormed the university and demanded to have a union. Homosexuals later did the same and made their demands, but when Matt started his White student union, it was treated like the worst thing ever. Recently Black militants did the same all over again and held the university to ransom, only this time the administration gave in within 3 hours. Mandatory diversity training, diversity quotas, a lowering of standards, it was all given to them, when they had already been given everything they asked for in the seventies. There is no end to what they will demand and they will not stop until we no longer exist any more and the universities no longer resemble anything like what they were originally. If somebody had only stood up to them the first time, then we would not be having to stand up to them now and the Black Lies Matter terrorist organisation would never have happened.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Ben Raymond

The Daily Traditionalist: The Weaponised Education System – DT 092316

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