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The Stormer Report: Slave Reparations and a Ticket to Google-land


Lee Rogers from joins Sven Longshanks for another Stormer Report, using articles from The Daily Stormer and as a springboard for further discussion. This week they start with the latest sainted dindu Keith Scott, who was shot by a racist Black cop for reading a book. The fact he had a gun holster on his ankle, his right hand was hidden and the police shouted ‘drop the gun’ at least ten times appears to have had no impact on the rioting simians.

His ho must have known that he had a weapon, as in between yelling ‘he aint got no gun’ at the police she appeared to be shouting ‘Keith dont do it’ to her Negro buck. As soon as she realised he was dead, she seized the chance to claim it was police brutality in order to claim celebrity status for herself and an excuse for the community to have a blaze-up. Regardless of the video evidence, the mainstream media and the restless savages are still insisting he was wrongly killed out of an irrational hatred for certain shades of the spectrum.

After discussing this the two hosts move on to the previous week’s Black media-martyr in Tulsa. This hopped-up ape was high on PCP, refused to comply with orders and was convinced his car was about to explode. The diminutive female police officer took the only action available to her in respect of the size difference between them and shot the wild beast. This highlights the stupidity of placing women on the front line doing a job that requires the physical strength of a man.

Whether it is the police, the army or even high powered political positions as we see with Hillary Clinton, females just do not have the physique required for a man’s job. The crooked one is starting to look very like she has early senile dementia brought on by doing a stressful man’s job for the last 20 years and then taking statins on top of that. Trump is going to destroy her on Monday and Sven draws attention to how she has only been using scripted answers for the last 6 months instead of doing genuine question and answer sessions.

The next subject up for discussion is the recent usage of the word ‘Google’ for ‘Negro’. This is in response to aggressive moves by Google to remove all criticism of minorities from it’s platforms, while at the same time erasing White history and even White people from Google images and replacing them with Congoids, Pakis and mystery-meat creatures. Lee points out that Blacks are incompatible with White civilisation and that he would be quite happy to pay them slave reparations on condition that a one-way ticket back to Google-land was included in the bargain. There is no need to use violence to remove these creatures from our lands, all we have to do is offer them incentives to go.

In the same way that Google are removing and replacing Whites from their doodles of the NASA operation room and their lists of inventors, Blacks will not stop until they have removed every trace of the White man from the areas we are forced to share with them. Not content with removing the confederate battle flag and disinterring the remains of Southern war heroes, their latest act of sacrilege has been aimed at Andrew Jackson’s statue in New Orleans. Dr David Duke has vowed to protect the statue from the hordes and was there on Saturday speaking to the public at the protest. This is exactly what we want to see more of, have you ever seen Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald or any of our other more eloquent and articulate advocates speaking to the public at a protest? We hope that this is a sign of more public involvement to come from the respected elders of our movement.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Slave Reparations and a Ticket to Google-land – SR 092616


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