Truth Will Out Radio: Dennis Wise Answers Your Questions


In this week’s Truth Will Out Radio Sven Longshanks puts questions and comments left by viewers to Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told. Dennis starts by telling us his future plans now that he has finished Communism by the Back Door and also lets us know the expected release date of the DVD edition, before diving straight into the questions. 

The first one asks him to explain why it is that the Jews wish to see White Christendom annihilated and includes all the various different facets to this, going from a docile population addicted to materialism all the way to the eternal battle of good versus evil. The next question covers similar ground, asking where the state of Israel fits into this and is there any biblical justification for it. The New Testament refers to Christians as Israel and so does the church, there is no mention of Jews going back to Palestine and calling it Israel, this is just a modern day evangelical heresy.

The next set of questions come from TGSNT and concern the reasons why Dennis chose what he did to include in the documentary. He wanted to concentrate on disproving what Anglo-speaking countries had been taught, so he left out some of the less well-known subjects, such as why Hitler took Bohemia and what happened with the SA.

After this the two hosts discuss the reasons why the Jews have got to this position of power over us. A large part of it is usury and ethnic solidarity, but the diabolical component can also not be discounted. The Jews might well be chosen, but chosen by the devil and not by God. How could the creator of all ever have any contact with a creature that is the product of his own laws of nature being broken?

Next the conversation moves to Franklin D Roosevelt and whether or not he was associated with capitalism. Dennis explains that capitalism and communism are both tools of the same bankers, so if FDR was working for the bankers he was serving capitalism just as much as he was serving communism.

The final part of the podcast is about when Austria unified with Germany. Despite the pictures of hundreds of thousand of Austrians delirious with joy at the fulfilment of a centuries old dream, a commenter still felt it reasonable to suggest that Hitler had rigged the vote and the Austrians did not really want re-unification. You can fake happiness on the faces of a few actors, but you cannot fake the delight of the huge throngs of people that rushed forward to greet the saviour of Germany when he arrived in Austria to release them from their shackles. Dennis reminds us that Hitler did the same in Austria as he did elsewhere, removing the bankers, removing the freemasons and liberating the people from the yoke of Jewish tyranny. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Dennis Wise Answers Your Questions – TWOR 090216

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