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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Nazi AI Trolls Facebook


Fascist Lemming is back with all the latest happenings in The Best Current Year Ever, starting with the big disappointment that was the Wikileaks Clinton revelations. To say he is going to release information over the next ten weeks is ridiculous when the election is within a month. Alex Jones had a complete meltdown in anticipation before realising he had been totally trolled by Assange and there was nothing. This man is just the gift that keeps on giving and after hearing some hilarious clips of him, we then move on to Duterte, who has just told Obama to go to hell and the EU to go to purgatory. Last week he said he was going to be like Hitler, going after drug dealers like Hitler went after the Jews but unfortunately he did apologise, although at first by proxy and then finally to the Jews in person.

Lemmy lets us in on one of his chat up lines, before moving on to the Black Labour Party member who has just been fired from her position for questioning the inclusiveness of Holocaust Day and the definition of Anti-Semitism. She is actually Jewish, so how she can be accused of being anti-Jewish is known only to the Jews. Talking of Jews, Milo has now accused Andrew Anglin of being a Jew in response to heavy criticism of the homosexual for bringing the Alt-Right into disrepute. Milo has been claiming his life is at risk thanks to The Daily Stormer, but there was a time when it was commonly said that certain people should all be put up against a wall and shot and nobody ever thought this was a ‘credible death threat’, so how did we ever get to seeing a cartoon frog pointing a gun at Milo being one?

AI has been in the news again, showing once more that when you program computers to act logically upon facts they go straight after the Jews and Negros. This time around Facebook’s automatic translation software has been calling Germans ‘the master race’ and calling the kikes ‘dull hollow, dirty Jews’ who were ‘a disgrace to our country’. This will just keep happening time and time again and the only way it can be stopped is by admitting that AI has to be politically corrected to start telling lies.

The show ends with a short collection of clips proving Trump is a hardcore Nazi.

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Alt-Right Intelligence Shut Down Once Again – FL 100516


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