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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Kek’s Champion and the Devil’s Daughter

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Fascist Lemming is back, with a full length episode of The Best Current Year Ever that briefly discusses the debate, but mainly talks about the unhinged Jewish organisations that are teaming up to attack Trump, then as a bonus at the end we get a 12 minute long teleprompter-free speech of the Glorious Leader at his very best. Last week Lemmy was really impressed by him, but this week he thinks he could have gone a lot harder on her, especially with the rape victims right there in the hall with him. We have one more debate to go, yet immigration has still not yet been discussed, even though the wall is the main point the Jews are getting worked up over. That wall will be such a great symbol of the racial barrier between us and the non-White hordes.

Clinton is desperate to start a war with Christian Russia to please her Jewish masters and Lemmy points out the stupidity of this and the idea of shooting down Russian planes as a way to start it. The last war did a good job of carrying out the Talmudic instruction that the best of the Gentiles should be killed and the Jews think it’s time to start doing that all over again in another brother’s war. As Trump will not condone this at all, the Jews have been plumbing new depths in hell with their attempts to slander him.

Tim Wise has been making overly confident tweets attacking him along with Sarah ‘Christ killer’ Silverman and others, Lemmy quotes these as well as more from other Jews, claiming Trump is an anti-Semite for naming enemies of the American people who all just happen to be kikes. Trump is the most feared man by the Jews since Adolf Hitler and even the mainstream media has been claiming he is anti-Semitic. It is not Trump’s fault that all these rich oligarchs and corrupt politicians are Jews though is it. If they weren’t such dishonest devils then there would be no need for him to name these arch-criminals.

Lemmy plays us a clip of Bill O’Reilly alleging that news organisations have started blackmailing people to ensure they do not show Trump in any positive light at all, to ensure the she-devil wins the election instead. Trump himself retweeted this, before sending out a series of messages saying that his Republican shackles have now been thrown off and he is about to go full retard on our adversaries. The cuckservatives have been more of a hindrance to him than the Democrats, since at least the Democrats are honest about their treasonous designs to flood the country with third world filth.

The Wikileaks expose on the witch being aware of Saudi Arabia and Quatar sending money and weapons to ISIS is covered and how before that she cleared an enormous arms deal to send weapons and fighter jets to the Arabs, right after they contributed $10million to her foundation. The hildebeast really is the absolute scum of the earth, nobody is as corrupt as her and Lemmy runs off a list of headlines exposing her many cheats and scams to ensure she stays out of prison for her numerous crimes.

Andrew Anglin has been featured in the mainstream media this week quoting him on how the Jews eat the inside of a nation from the inside out, referring to Eric Schneiderman launching an investigation into the Trump Foundation and calling him ‘the New York Kike attorney general.’ They actually included quite a few quotes from him and it is great to see what we say being featured by them. It doesn’t matter what they call us, it still means that what we say is being heard by millions and this will bring even more people to our side. The Daily Stormer is the most-viewed Alt-Right site there is and rightly so, it has also been solidly behind Donald Trump since the start of his campaign and the podcast finishes with a fantastic clip of the berzerker-rogue himself laying into Hillary the day after the debate, to massive roars of appreciation from the crowd.

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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Kek’s Champion and the Devil’s Daughter – FL 101216


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