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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Trump’s Greatest Hits


Fascist Lemming returns with a Best Current Year Ever devoted entirely to the best Donald Trump speech ever. We get the highlights of the speech and a selection of his greatest hits, plus the reaction to it from the Jews, including one article that appears to have been written by that rarest creature of all, an honest kike. Anyone who still doubts that Trump is ‘the one’ after this speech has to be a complete shill and must just be larping at being a White Nationalist. Trump has already changed the political system by exposing the two-party regime as working for the banks and manipulating the media, even numerology points to Trump being something special, with 88 appearing in his name and in the date of the election.

For those who think that Trump supports Israel, Lemmy starts with some clips of him speaking to a room full of Jews and telling them he doesn’t want their money and he knows why they wont support him. After that we get a clip of an audience member naming the Jew and Trump saying he is one of us and on our side, before we move on to him channelling Goebbels and talking about the despicable lugenpresse. We are also treated to his comments after the Moslem gang-rape attack in Cologne before more confirmation of his antagonism to globalism and support for the nation state. All this is just a warm up however, as next we get a full 15 minutes selected from his best speech ever where he exposed globalism, the banks, the media, the immigration agenda, the wars in the Middle East and how it is all being pushed by the same enemies of our civilisation with Hilldog the puppet right at the centre of it. This was an absolutely monumental speech and it will rightly go down in history as the beginning of the take-down of the corrupt Jewish establishment and the start of a bright, glorious new future for us.

Now that we have heard the speech it’s time to check out the Jewish reaction to it and as usual, they have been more than happy to identify themselves as the criminals that the Glorious Leader is drawing attention to. Lemmy reads us a selection of the best articles along with his comments, including ‘At Long Last, Trump Blames The Jews For His Failed Campaign’ ‘It’s time to acknowledge reality: Donald Trump talks like an anti-Semite’ and ‘Trump just gave an anti-Semitic speech ‘dripping with hatred’ — and the Internet is horrified’. All of these articles correctly identify Trump as promoting fascism and of course they compare him to Hitler.

Finally we come to the truthful article from a Jew entitled ‘Trump, Anti-Globalism and the Anti-Semitism Slur’ where the writer points out that the accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ is just used to shut down the speech of anyone Jews dont like. He then lists a number of Jews who have spoken out against Trump and questions the wisdom of them saying that speaking out against international banks and globalism is anti-Semitic. He appears to have just realised that these Jews are actually confessing to the crime when they make these claims.

The podcast then finishes with some talking heads wetting themselves about the new nazi holocaust that the Trumpenfuhrer has unleashed upon America.

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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Trump’s Greatest Hits – FL 101916 


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