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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – National Socialism for the Current Year

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Welcome back to another installment of the frogcast, it’s time to tune in to Radio Aryan for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. This week’s episode opens up with an update on week 2 of Grandpa's life on the Daily Stormer Paleo Challenge. Grandpa is beginning to really feel better under the new program and while fine tuning it to suit him, Gramps has come up with some sage advice for you nutritionally even if you don't want to go full paleo: cut out the corn syrup sugar as this is just poison, plain and simple.

Moving on to the meat of the program, this week the main topic is National Socialism in our modern time. Grandpa looks once again at the health care system to illustrate for us how National Socialism can be a practical way of moving forward in comparison to our current crumbling systems. When we advocate for National Socialism, we have to remember that not everything is going to exactly match what was done in Germany years ago. We are in a different time and place and Grandpa advises us that we have to have more faith in ourselves and our people right now, so that we can come up with innovative ideas and solutions to fit our needs of the moment, all the while using what was done in National Socialist Germany as the blueprint.

Speaking of National Socialism, many recoil at the idea of any sort of authoritarian system being put in place because of the idea that it could mean losing things such as freedom of speech. Grandpa points out that much of what we perceive to be freedom of speech is actually an illusion. Jews control all facets of the media. You can try this out yourself by posting Holocaust facts on your Faceberg page and see how long your account lasts. We are programmed to recoil at the idea of an authoritarian government that might advocate policies that are in our own interests, but all the while we are currently living under an authoritarian government right now; a JEWISH authoritarian system.

We are all aware of what the Frankfurt School is. However many of us don't truly grasp what one of the main objectives of their program entailed: removing our people's will to fight for their place in the world. It is a fact of nature, as pointed out by Hitler himself, that a people who are unwilling to fight for a place in this world will simply cease to exist. This is the way of nature. The Jews devised a final solution for the goys by putting in place a program to remove our people's will to fight for their own place in this world, thus allowing the Jew to simply sit back and let nature do his dirty work for him. This is a part of a systematic plan put into place decades ago, that has been allowed to take deep root in all our institutions and it is not going to be an easy task to counter.

Our listeners questions and comments segment this week takes us to Twitter and White Lightning who has a two part question. The first deals with viewing White people as a single identity and how this is an incorrect view, much like how it is incorrect to view all Asians as a single identity. Grandpa agrees with this and goes into greater depth as to how this relates to our cause and what we are trying to accomplish. The second part of the question deals with whether or not our movement is just spinning it’s wheels and if we perhaps need to stop and first establish some sort of connection with our ancestors and pride in our heritage before our people can begin to move forward. Grandpa advises that though we do need and in fact must get our people to once again take pride in themselves and their heritage, this is actually a part of how we move forward, not something we do separately before going anywhere.

Lots of topics to think about and lots of subjects to discuss, so gather around and let's bring them into the light right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – National Socialism for the Current Year – GL 101116


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