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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Normie Reality Check

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Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day...gassed again! That's right, the kikes gassed Grandpa's new account on Twitter in just a short three day time span after last week's show was recorded. Does this discourage Grandpa? Nope. This is proof that what we are doing and the enemies we are naming is hitting it's mark. If we were not being effective they would simply laugh at us or ignore us, but instead they are bending over backwards to shut us down and keep the truth from getting out there. They will not be successful though, they can shut us down as much as they like and we will just keep doubling down. Grandpa updates us on what he has doing now that he is on Twitter vacation and it's all good stuff. These kikes will wind up wishing they had left him alone on Twitter.

Our opening topic is a segment of Grandpa Lampshade's thoughts for normies. If you are a normie who has been kindly guided to this show by a loyal listener, then this segment is for you. You may find yourself constantly being emotionally triggered over the positions that people like ourselves actually hold, so Grandpa points out the blatant inconsistencies in what our enemies are constantly telling you our intentions are and what we believe in. Today's main topic for our dear normies is what does "minority" mean. When you hear the term minority what do you think of? Blacks, Browns, Moslems and Jews? It is a fact that on a global scale it is us Whites who are actually a very small minority and a minority that is getting smaller all the time. You do not have to take Grandpa's word for it, the information is out there and Grandpa encourages you to investigate these things for yourself. Grandpa breaks this down in a way that even the densest of normies will be able to understand. There is no denying that you are being presented with a false narrative, so that leaves the question: who is giving you this false narrative and why?

As a National Socialist we always find people recoiling at the idea that we are promoting an "authoritarian" style of government. People find this triggering and frightening. Why? Grandpa points out that ALL government is authoritarian. It's just a fact. However, people have been tricked into believing that democracy is somehow different. People draw back in fear at the mention of authoritarian government yet they don't blink an eye at the fact that in much of Europe under democracy you can be thrown in prison for questioning a historical event. Why is this? Grandpa breaks down the lies and the exposes the reality of the situation. You see, under National Socialism you always know who is in charge. Under democracy you are never supposed to know who is in charge. This is the point of the entire system, to shield and protect those who are actually in charge from any accountability.

In the next segment Grandpa Lampshade deals with the topic of equality under the law. This is a basic right that we all believe in. Equality under the law would indeed exist under National Socialism. However, it would apply to citizens not foreigners. Why should foreigners be extended the same rights under the law as citizens, when they are not a part of the system to begin with? Now this may seem scary to someone blindly looking around at the multicultural mess we now live in because it implies that all these people out there would not be afforded legal protection. The problem is that you are missing the forest for the trees. You no longer have a nation. The nation is the people. This is one of the founding concepts of National Socialism: the nation is the people, not the government or the borders drawn on a map. It is the people who make the nation. Mexico is a nation because the overwhelming majority of the people there are Mexicans. The fact of the matter is that under the current system there is no equality under the law. That is just another illusion that we are being fed. If you have a large amount of money, you can more than likely get away with all sorts of crimes but if you are poor or a working person living check to check and you are unfortunate enough to get tangled up in the legal system, you have very little hope of coming out unscathed. The current legal system, like so much of the rest of our systems is not to promote justice but to promote the interests of those who are running things.

As always, the final segment is listener questions and comments. First up is from the Daily Stormer and Kennedy inquires why normies seem so brain dead and focused only on Muh Football and Muh TV brainwashing. What is wrong with these people anyway? Grandpa breaks it down and explains the different levels of normie brain deadness and the different reasons why people act this way. More importantly, Grandpa addresses how we can approach and deal with them.

Our next question also comes from the Daily Stormer and Tdog88 wants to know what experiences GPL has had that were frightening. Tdog tells us about a dream he had or we could call it a vision. In the dream, the voice of truth reached out to him in the form of Grandpa Lampshade because Grandpa is always the voice of truth (LOL). Grandpa shares his thoughts on this as well as some insights on what adulthood means and how it relates to our family relations.

As always, fun times and great topics are all right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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  1. So as to limit the misuse of law amongst the blood-collective, every law should be written (in common non-legalese language) with a binding summary-statement of *explicit application intent*, itself limited to half a page in length.
    Every law should be subject to the approval ratification of 75% of the people who will be subjected to it.

    Hail Victory!

  2. You mentioned GAB as a solution for free speech. The reason why GAB's NOT a final solution either (pun intended) is that they have embraced the ever changing politicized definition mechenism of what the jewstablishment ZOG defines as a terrorist group. In my opinion, it's fine to ban individuals who threaten violence, so far so good - but to also ban individuals who speak in a positive context regarding groups (present and future) that are always (politicized) by the jewstablishment as so-called terrorist groups (because of their opposition to the zio-globalist/jewstablishment) will end-up in the same place.

    It's like a jew saying he's not a jew because he's an atheist.

    Bamm, banned again!