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Juhani Keranen: Interview with National Action’s Ben Raymond


National Action are now banned in Britain and this was recorded and published before the group of activists were disbanded in December 2016.

Juhani Keranen interviews Ben Raymond from National Action for Studio 204 and he starts by explaining what National Socialism means to him. How it is an ideal that people are fighting for, rather than something that we have already experienced. As White people we have a deep seated sense of justice and it is our moral duty to build a society for our children that is designed for them.

Ben talks about some of his previous involvement with other projects that led on to forming National Action after the realisation that nobody takes you seriously unless you belong to an organisation. He was producing a journal called ‘Attack’ which reflected his interests in fascism and military history when he was approached by Alex Davies, the founder of NA. He produced a strategy document for Alex with the intention of forming a youth movement but had no idea it would prove to be as successful as it has.

He talks about the need for anonymity that arose once they started to get mainstream publicity and how the mass trolling campaign on behalf of Garron Helm helped put the group on the map. It was after this and the publicity that it gained that he went to Finland to speak to the Nordic Resistance Movement. This was the first of quite a few international networking trips that NA have been involved in as well as Unity demonstrations with other groups in Britain.

They quickly learned the need for flash demonstrations rather than pre-arranged protests, especially after the ill-fated White Man March in Liverpool which saw them get noticed in a big way, with the Left paying for coachloads of Antifa to descend on the city and bring it to a standstill. Each month they produce an action report which details all the events they have been involved in and all the media reports that have covered them. This has proved to be a successful way of recruiting new members and NA now have 4 regional organisers.

The most recent activity they have been involved in is homeless outreach and Ben explains how every ethnic group other than Whites have their own specific charities, yet when NA do the same they are viciously slammed by the Jewish media for trying to help our own people. NA also had a hand in the recent beret-snatching from celebrity pervert Eddie Izzard.

Finally Ben talks about his experience in forming a Nationalist organisation from nothing. How their strategy is continually evolving as they gain more members and how everything they do is done with calculated intent. The priority is to have a clear message even if it is blunt and there has to be an informality to it, in order to attract young people. NA like to be ironic and humorous but they do take their politics deadly seriously. They may not have the ability to win elections yet, but they have managed to build up a large network of young Nationalists that can mobilise on the streets of any part of the country, something that the established Nationalist parties have been trying to regain for years.

Presented by Juhani Keranen with special guest Ben Raymond

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