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Radio Aryan Roundtable: We Rule the Internet


Sven Longshanks, Fascist Lemming and Juhani Keranen convene for another Radio Aryan Roundtable bringing news of persecuted Nationalists in Finland, open racism backed by the State in Britain and disgruntled Pepe fans wondering whether to sue the ADL in America.

A Nordic Resistance member recently defended himself against an assault by Leftists while on a demonstration in Helsinki and because the Leftist died after leaving the hospital, he has been imprisoned and charged with manslaughter. The Leftist was spitting at him and he acted in self defence, but this has not stopped the media from portraying the deceased as an innocent victim complete with pictures of him as a schoolboy at 14. Juhani draws parallels between this and the constant portrayals of Black criminals in America as innocent young angels. The Finnish Leftist was actually filmed by the police for a reality tv show drunk and passed out in the snow, but instead of using that image they used the child picture.

The three hosts discuss these events and the possible banning of the NRM in Finland before moving on to Sven’s presentation about an award-winning writer/actor who has been sacked by the BBC from the program that he helped to create because he was 'white and male'. We have known that White people were being replaced to conform to diversity quotas for quite some time now but this is possibly the first times it has been explicitly stated that he was sacked for being White.

The BBC have declared they will be replacing 15% of all White men with Negroes to reflect the coloured displacement of Whites in the population and they also want 50% of their employees to be female and 8% to be homosexual. Since queers make up less that 2% of the population they must be doing this last one to try and make it seem more prevalent and acceptable than it actually is. The only people not mentioned in the diversity quotas are Jews, who have 50 times as many of them in the top positions than their percentage of the population would give.

After discussing this explicit escalation in the replacement of White people the conversation moves around to Lemmy’s presentation which is all about our favourite mascot Pepe. After the ADL cruelly redefined him as a symbol of hatred, various merchandising outlets are dropping their lines depicting him and one man is even considering having his Pepe tattoo removed. Surely they should be suing the ADL for defaming him, rather than bowing down and sucking up to them?

The Jews have even been analysing the effects of the new hate designation on the Pepe market, asking whether being associated with Trump could cause stocks to lose their value. Lemmy reads us some choice quotes on the Pepe fallout before the podcast closes with the unanimous agreement that we now rule the internet and the successful red-pilling of Pepe is emblematic of that.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Fascist Lemming and Juhani Keranen

Radio Aryan Roundtable: We Rule the Internet – RT 100316


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