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Radio Free Northwest: Crystal Ball Gazing


Harold Covington brings us a new Radio Free Northwest and starts by reminding people of the upcoming RFN call-in show about Trump and Hillary, before giving us a rundown of what he expects to see happen if Hillary wins, which will be down to the massive numbers of teeming foreign parasites in the country more than anything else. This situation of being swamped by alien voters will then be repeated for every election that follows in America. It will be impossible for her to purge all dissent from the online media, but she will do her best to cut us off from the huge audiences we have accessed through Trump. There will be a cancellation of all Twitter and Social media accounts that supported him and a huge takedown of websites ranging from Infowars to The Daily Stormer.

Executive orders will be used to remove all guns and put everyone on Medicare, leading to the largest transfer of wealth in all human history taking place and the dictatorship will then use public health as a reason to insert itself into every minute part of our lives. Nobody will fire a shot in our defence and the last vestiges of the southern border will disappear, as America becomes nothing but a region on a map. Trump really is the last hope that White America has.

Next up is The Goyhammer, who presents a podcast called Race and Nation reading an inspiring excerpt from one of Harold’s books accompanied by music and after that Gretchen the librarian reviews Alexander Solzhenitsyn - A Century in his Life by DM Thomas. Solzhenitsyn was born in Russia but his mother came from the Ukraine and his father died in some mysterious circumstances just one month before the Romanovs were murdered. He was put through the revolutionary school system and wavered there between wanting to either be a writer or a priest. During the war he saw injustice on both sides, but remained loyal to Russia, if not to Stalin. He ends up in the Gulag because of this and is surprisingly allowed uncensored reading materials there. He spends 8 years in prison and ends up developing sympathy for the Russians who fought on the German side during the war. After being released he wins awards for his books in Russia at first, but in the sixties starts being watched by the KGB and makes certain that his works are then published in the West. In 1971 he thinks he has been poisoned with Ricin but this just makes him even more outspoken, criticising the rulers and telling them to give up Marxism.

He gets expelled from Russia and starts writing about giving up materialism and becomes more of an historian than a novelist. His wife and sons become very westernised, but he remains always a patriotic Russian. In 1993 he returns to Russia as the USSR starts to fall apart and starts speaking his mind, even getting his own show. One criticism of him is that he does not have much empathy for others and lacks humanity, but Gretchen suggests that this is still a very good book for learning about the man himself.

Ramzpaul is up next giving us an explanation of what the Alt-Right is and then Harold returns to continue his crystal ball gazing by assuming that the miracle has happened and the Glorious Leader is now president. The Democrats, the civil rights industry and all the other liberal loons will immediately begin looking for another way to achieve their aims. This could be an impeachment proceeding, an assassination attempt or some other way of trying to get rid of him after he has seen off Hillary. If this does happen, then at least he has still saved us from that fate but if he stays in office, then he could find the temptation to start playing with his new toys too much and invade Iraq, Syria or even Russia. Our movement is not in any way prepared to cope with the instability that this would cause and our hopes should be that he does not do this, but Harold advises that we should be prepared for anything.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Crystal Ball Gazing – RFN 102016

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