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Radio Free Northwest: Illusions


Harold Covington brings us the Halloween edition of Radio Free Northwest and starts with some new audio from Andy answering a question from Gretchen, regarding Trump and him taking us back to the eighties. Would Trump buy us some time, before the inevitable conclusion of White Genocide? Or would he just be giving us the illusion that we had solved the problem? Andy reminds us that White people will still be failing to produce enough of us to replace the ones already here. She also asks whether Trump could save Europe, but Andy worries that he wont be able to save America, let alone Europe.

Harold then talks about the sheer pleasure it will be to read and hear the shrieks and screams of the Left if Trump wins, but warns us to stay away from the computers if the wicked witch wins. He was impressed with Trump’s Gettysburg address, especially how it could all be achieved through executive orders since the previous power structure will be trying to stand in his path for every step of the way. His presidency will be one long saga of sabotage from our enemies, but we will still be safer, whiter and generally more well off than we are now. There are all kinds of good things he could do in the short term, just bringing the call centres back to America would be a big help, but in the long term he will be fighting against a century’s worth of decay.

Gretchen discusses ‘The Conservative Case for Trump’ this week by Phyllis Schlafly. She describes the ways that he would go about doing what he has promised, such as how he would fund the wall and put a stop to birth tourism. She also talks about the various trade deals that have hurt America and that he wants to change, as well as the conservative judges that he wants to appoint. Trump also has an interest in persecuted Christians and the author questions why we are helping Moslem refugees instead of Christian ones and points out that Homeland Security were actually employing three jihadis. Social security is another issue that he wants to reform, letting wealthy seniors opt out and he also wants to change Obamacare by allowing health care companies to compete across state lines and force them to give more care to veterans. Finally Schlafly warns that this is the last chance conservatism has to ever win an election, which she believes is God throwing us a life line.

We then get to hear the best bits of Trump’s fantastic speech on the 13th, condemning the establishment, the media and the Clintons, and pointing out how global trade deals are destroying our civilisation through immigration and disenfranchising working people. This really was an amazing speech that everyone should watch.

Harold then returns to explain why he doesn’t have a Paypal account for the Northwest Front. He used to have one which was never published, just passed around, but still they somehow discovered he was a Nationalist and removed his ability to use it. A second account was also closed down in a week due to his politics, as was his Facebook account. If he did have another Paypal account, then it would have to keep changing for every time the Jews discovered it and shut it down. If you have one then you should be aware that it means you are leaving a paper trail and it could be hacked. Harold reminds us of the major sites that were hacked last week and how easy it was for them all to be shut down. The NWF is prepared for if this happens to them and we lose the internet, but you should also be making sure that you are too.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Illusions – RFN 102716

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