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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: The Lady of the Flies


Harold Covington presents the weekly edition of Radio Free Northwest and starts with a confession, he did not watch the debate due to election fatigue at the sickening immorality of it all. He did however note the back-stabbing of Trump by the traitors at the GOP after the release of the secret recording of Trump, confirming the shocking revelation that women throw themselves at celebrities.
This action led to Trump producing four of Bill Clinton’s rape victims at the debate, which led to a image of Bill’s face that will go down in history and that Trump must get all the credit for providing.

Harold thinks the Hildebeast may go insane if Trump wins and goes on to describe some of the things we may see if he does get elected. However we must still face up to the situation we are in, with the huge numbers of intruders being bussed in all over the country to vote Democrat. There are various scenarios that could take place and Harold lists some of them, before moving on to a clip of Paul Joseph Watson on Syrian refugees, who Harold points out does show his face and should be respected for doing so.

Gretchen then reviews ‘One New York Man’s Journey to Off-Grid Living in Montana’ by Rich Scheben which describes how a man worked as hard as he could to be able to drop-out, before getting a bad back and having to leave his job. He sells his home and buys a hobby farm in Montana, but is not totally isolated as he listens to the radio. He realises that to get ahead today you have to be a part of the victim class and if you want to avoid that, you have to learn to be self-sufficient. He goes into detail on the considerations required for achieving this, but with the view to selling the property on once it has been finished. Since he has a back condition, he comes up with quite a few ideas to compensate for that and yet still farm vegetables, poultry stock and goats. Gretchen found it quite an interesting book, that could be useful for certain blue collar workers whose jobs will be replaced by automatons in the future.

Harold returns with some information on the protocols used by the FBI when investigating Clinton, which effectively tied their hands and exposes the FBI as making a deal with Hillary to destroy crucial evidence. The article confirms that a different standard was applied to Clinton and that anybody else would now be inside a prison cell for years. Her interview with them lasted just 3 short hours, included 40 bouts of amnesia and has completely destroyed the reputation of the FBI. In fact none of those agencies are law enforcement officers any more as there is no law.

To finish the podcast Harold answers some questions on the North West constitution, about who contributed to it and whether it is still a work in progress. After that we get some final comment on the gender difference crisis that we are facing, where men have become feminised and women have become masculinised, blurring the difference between us and leading to the destruction of the family.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Lady of the Flies – RFN 101316

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