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Radio Free Northwest: Parisian Shanty Towns


Harold Covington presents another edition of Radio Free Northwest which starts this week with a call for support from a North West Nationalist, pointing out the need for money. Harold then chimes in, to let people know how easy it is to get a job once you get there, he also wants people to realise that everyone else is realising how easy it is to get a job there too. Once you get there you will be able to network in the physical world and not just online, something which can be of great use when you need physical help with something.

After that Gretchen returns to discuss Harold’s novel of speculative fiction ‘Slow Coming Dark’ about the Clintons. The book interacts with the real world and Bill Clinton using cocaine is plausible, but the book does seem a bit reckless. Although they are a most obnoxious couple, riling the Clintons up and worrying what they may be doing may not have been the best use of Harold’s time, but he was not involved in the Butler Plan at the time. Gretchen feels the book may fall a bit flat with women as the anti-feminist slant can come across as being restrictive of women. Gretchen reminds us that what evolves in the homeland will be what the citizens wish for and that could in the worst case scenario be Swedish socialism, although without the all the exotic fauna.

Harold responds to Gretchen’s review and elaborates on some details, then plays some more of the recording he made face-to-face with Charles Martel. The conversation starts around aliens of the sci-fi sort instead of the Somalian variety, before moving on to asking what is the end result of everything that is being done to us?

The end result is race replacement, regardless of whichever way they achieve it. The main visible threats are the hordes of military age male Moslems marching into Europe and Harold and Charles ask why they arent marching into Israel?

How can our politicians just allow them to flood in to Europe with such nonchalance? Will the army step in? The Foreign Legion? Paris has now turned into a shanty town with more living refuse than Mogadishu. The wild animals have lost all fear of the police, the population has been disarmed and the only solution is to keep them away from us.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Parisian Shanty Towns – RFN 100416

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