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The Daily Traditionalist: Georgia Hammerfest


Matthew Heimbach is joined by co-host Sven Longshanks for another edition of The Daily Traditionalist. Matt and Sven discuss in-depth the experience Matt had this past weekend at Hammerfest, the annual gathering of the Hammerskin Nation.

The Hammerskins are one of America’s premier skinhead organizations, with chapters not only throughout the United States; but in many European nations.

Matt discusses how the Hammerskins and Crew 38, the Hammerskin Nation supporter club, have built their organization on the importance of loyalty to one another, the organization and the cause of White Nationalism. With loyalty and sacrifice the bedrock of the Hammerskin Nation, the Hammerskins stand as an example for all Nationalists.

Matt describes how event was a lively one that showcased the growing unity of White Nationalism in America. The event was attended by the Hammerskins and supporters from all over America, Europe and even Latin America; the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, the Aryan Nations, the Golden State Skinheads and other Nationalist organizations.

There was no class division, religious debates or squabbles between groups; everyone stood as brothers and sisters in a shared experience of fellowship and unity.

At Hammerfest the stereotypes of White Nationalism put forward by the Jewish media were shown to be the falsehoods they are. The event was family friendly, with children playing and Nationalists from a variety of backgrounds building bridges and having a good time.

Matt talks about meeting Hammerskins who discussed philosophy, Fascist thinkers and even theology with him; a far cry from the lies put forward about the skinhead subculture by the Jewish oligarchs. The members of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Matt included, also joined the mosh pit while the bands were playing; showing that while there might be a difference of subculture, all in attendance were united as one.

The show comes to an end with Sven and Matt talking about how important events like this are, how the connections and networking can lead to the development of increased cooperation at the local level between Nationalists. Meeting in real life and forging real bonds is the beginning of a new dawn for our movement.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Georgia Hammerfest – DT 100416


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