The Daily Traditionalist: Jason Augustus on 14 Sacred Words


Matthew Heimbach is away due to unforeseen circumstances, so Jason Augustus from 14 Sacred Words kindly dropped by to talk about his music with Sven Longshanks for today’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist. Jason talks about the music making process and how technology has made it possible for him to play all the instruments himself, which gives him control over every aspect of his creations but does mean that he misses out on the buzz of improvising with other musicians. He started out playing in a grungecore band before moving to playing more technically proficient music and taught himself via youtube how to produce it himself. This means he has been able to avoid the trap of becoming reliant on a Jew middleman to provide a studio and a producer.

He also got into graphic design ending up creating his own recognisable style which can now be seen on the TWP propaganda as well as on his album covers. Heavy metal is an explicitly White music form, unashamedly masculine and often focused on tradition, so it is surprising that there are not more pro-White bands around. Jason thinks this is because the Jews who control the record companies will not permit any social comment that gets too close to the truth, although many musicians are sympathetic to the pro-White cause.

Jason’s last release was ‘Sacramento Spartans’ which is played at the end and he talks about how the event this was based upon made him want to immediately do something to draw attention to it. There is nothing like the pro-White cause for inspiring people to use their God given talents for a positive cause and Sven and Jason discuss the high quality of Alt-Right music that has come out this year from some of the other genres besides metalcore.

Finally they both point out that the time of the Jewish middleman being able to dictate what we listen to is now over.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Jason Augustus 

The Daily Traditionalist: Jason Augustus on 14 Sacred Words – DT 101716

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