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The Daily Traditionalist: The Jews Lie!

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Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by discussing the points raised by Matt during his Hammerfest speech. Much has changed over the years in the American White Nationalist movement, there used to be a lot of infighting between groups over ridiculous things which caused people like Jason to become burned out by it all. Since then it has moved on from being a way to pass time at the weekend to being serious revolutionary activity with a political goal.

A theme of Matt’s talk was that Nationalism is rising all around the world even among the non-White nations. Duterte has massive support after acting on Nationalist principles and clearing up the drugs and corruption in the Philippines. He has recently also stated that he does not care for American military support and that he does not need Obama’s investment in order to put his people first. Jason thinks that no foreign country should think it has a right to interfere in another country’s foreign policy and Matt reminds us that this is one of Trump’s platforms, removing military bases from foreign countries.

Golden Dawn have recently endorsed Donald Trump, one of very few parties with political success in Europe to do so. They are the third largest party in Greece and just going to one meeting of theirs proves that they are not a fringe party as the Jewish press would like us to believe. Matt talks about his time in Greece recently before drawing attention to a young White man in America who was supporting Blue Lives Matter and had his skull cracked open by Black Lies Matter terrorists. TWP are trying to promote his cause and help with providing some funds for him. This attack is part of the backlash against the upsurge in White Nationalism and it shows the lengths that these savages will go to when they see the slightest support for something just a fraction right of politically correct.

Attacks like this serve to drive more people to our cause, but they also tell us that we need to be there on the ground to protect our people from this sort of thing and to advocate for the victims. Last year the TWP protested about a particular case where a young White man was savagely beaten and the Black thugs punished with writing assignments. The protest drew the attention of the mainstream media and highlighted this injustice against our people.

To finish the show Matt and Jason talk about race-mixing, with particular reference to Sheldon Adelson who has complained about Jews mixing their blood with goyim. Jews are the worst offenders for promoting this kind of genocidal degeneracy to our own people so it is great to hear about blowback affecting them like this.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: The Jews Lie! – DT 100716


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