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The Daily Traditionalist : The Path to Victory


Sven Longshanks steps in for the Thursday edition of the Daily Traditionalist to introduce Matthew Heimbach’s speech at last weekend’s Hammerfest entitled ‘The Path to Victory’

Starting with references to the awakening to national identity in Europe, Matt moves to discussing White identity and protecting the borders in America, all spurred on by Trump. Brexit is also covered and particularly the way the brexiteers were portrayed as backwards fools by the Jewish media. Matt sees this as the start of something big that is not just happening in the White world, but also in Syria and the Philippines.

As usual, anyone that speaks up for their people and does what he can for them will be accused of human rights abuses and we see this with both Assad and Duterte. But Duterte has a 90% approval rating and his people love him. Is this not what democracy is supposed to be about? Doing what the people want and getting the approval of the most amount of people?

The above examples show that the more the people are pushed, the greater the chances are that they will push back. Nationalism has now become the mainstream and the vote in Britain for independence proved that.

Matt moves to providing specific examples of where our people are being ground down into the ground through various ways, mortgages, loans, unemployment and taxes. While our people are starving in the gutter they are being told they have White privilege and should be giving their jobs over to Negros and giving them special privileges. The response to this from the ethnic minorities has been to start tearing down our war memorials and demanding the removal of everything that reminds us of our glorious past.

They wish to destroy our White heritage in the same way that ISIS are tearing down the heritage of the long gone original inhabitants of the near and middle east.

This isnt just demographic decline, this is White genocide.

What this proves is that they are terrified of us and they can see the power slipping from their fingers. The Kalergi plan and the European super state project now lies in tatters as Europe starts to reassert her true sovereignty through her ethnic nations. The Nationalists in Europe have been able to overcome the petty differences that divide us, such as religion and sub-culture and shown that it is possible to regain power when everyone works together.

Next up is the Austrian re-election and then after that, Trump. If Americans work together in the same way the Brexiteers did, then a Trump presidency is certain.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist : The Path to Victory – DT 100616


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1 comment:

  1. I must applaud to Matthew for really good moving speech , he convince me how much he love his Adamic Race and his people !!! Matthew you remind me Edgar Steel speeches with a Good voice and love for Our Godly Adamic race !!!!

    Heil to Our Adamic Race , Heil to Our YHWH Father in Heaven !!!