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The Daily Traditionalist: Race and Family


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the Tuesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about direct activism in our communities, but first Matt gives us a rundown of his expected guests for the week and some information about an upcoming multi-group rally on November 5th in Harrisburg. This will be in honour of a proposed alliance between Nationalist groups in America and a press conference will be given on this subject the night before. Matt talks about the Celtic Cross and how it is a symbol of unity for our movement, before Jason talks about a new design that he has come up with specifically for this Nationalist Front, which will be including some of the most established Nationalist organisations in the country.

Sky News were following Matt and Jason about yesterday and they accompanied them both to Beattyville Kentucky, which is the fifth poorest town in America. Unemployment is very high and there are a lot of social problems there, so TWP have been building up  a presence and hope to post candidates in the area for 2018. Jason talks about how the media were wary of going at first, thinking it would be dangerous like the poor Black areas are, but they were made to feel welcome and Sky were unable to find a single person willing to attack the TWP for racism. Instead they found a lot of name recognition and support.

Anyone who has doubts over what we are fighting for should go to places like this. It was quite a surprise for the camera crew to hear how there were no jobs for the White people there, despite being the descendants of the people who settled the region. Jason talks about how friendly they all were and how he was invited in for a cup of tea by one elderly woman on oxygen and living in a shack. These people still take pride in their hospitality to strangers and their sense of community. This bond is missing entirely in New York and Jason was concerned his accent may have made him stand out, but nobody was interested in that and they just saw him as a fellow White American.

Matt highlights the fact that our race is our extended family and if we can just get people to recognise this, then we would have a ready made army keen to fight for our cause.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Race and Family – DT 102516


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