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The Daily Traditionalist: Total Victory or Die Trying

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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the Wednsday of The Daily Traditionalist to give us an update on current affairs. The Pro-Life issue is the one that brought Dr Johnson into politics in the first place and Poland has just had massive support in a referendum for a ban on abortion. Instead of going along with this though, they have gone along with the pressure from outside to allow it.

In Israel the population is dwindling but the Arabs are increasing and this is also due to the Jews indulging in birth control. Like the Communists who gave up on Russia as it was just a side project, the world’s Jews do not seem too interested in saving Israel from this fate. Dr Johnson thinks this shows how little the country means to them, it is just something they used to claim legitimacy which is now making the rest of them look bad with their attacks on the Palestinians.

After that the conversation moves to ISIS and the latest terror attack on the police in Europe. In their current magazine, ISIS have advised their jihadis not to get involved in intricate terror plots as they are too easy to track and break up, instead they are telling them to do lone-wolf attacks like the most recent one. Other groups see innocent people as collateral damage, but these Moslems see innocent people as legitimate targets. Even the Bolsheviks only went after people they had been told to go after.

ISIS are trying to start a final battle with the West in Syria to fulfil prophecies and where other Moslem groups are united in their resistance to Zionism, ISIS get their fighters treated in Jewish hospitals in Israel. The more attacks ISIS do in Syria, the more support Israel and her allies can get for an intervention in Syria. Sex slave auctions, beheadings, killing children, ISIS have the worst propaganda this side of world war two and yet they are producing this themselves, rather than the western media creating it. Why would any organisation want the world to hate them?

Back home in America the Federal Government has been engaging in mass surveillance at gun shows, recording all the licence plates of everyone who turns up. They cant keep track of their guns going over the border but they seem to have no problem in keeping tabs on innocent citizens. Dr Johnson thinks that has probably been going on for a lot longer than we realise, as now just about anyone can be labelled as a hater, a fascist and a threat that needs to neutralised.

The podcast finishes with some commentary on the divide between Jean Marie Le Pen and his daughter. Le Pen senior has worked for years to build the Front Nationale and now his daughter’s modernising is changing it from all recognition. Dr Johnson draws parallels with his previous Metropolia who turned their backs on him after the TWP started having some success. They are used to being a sub culture and would not know what to do with power if they ever got any and this may be something similar with the FN. Matt reminds us that Trump refused to moderate his views and this did not affect his support in any way. There is no point in wavering and thinking we must stop using our winning strategies and pivot to the center as this is the route to failure and we cannot afford to fail, we are in it to either win total victory or die trying.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Total Victory or Die Trying – DT 100516


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