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The Daily Traditionalist: We Have the Power

Matthew Heimbach presents a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist dedicated to addressing questions that have been addressed to him about how we move forward from here.

Matt starts with a Bill Clinton quote, calling Trump supporters ‘your average redneck’. The Clintons and the system that they represent hate us, they have destroyed the coal industry and done away with all our jobs. They are demonising White people and blaming us for all the ills of the world and the other side of the coin, the Republicans, are just as bad. Both sides are allied in their hatred of White people. Paul Ryan has betrayed Trump, when he could be winning this election for them with a landslide. Any other candidate would have lost the election for the GOP already. Even this tape that has surfaced of Trump making locker room jokes looks like it actually came from the Republican side.

They wish to take Trump down because we still present a credible threat to them. White people are still just about in the majority in America and they know that because of this, we still have a tremendous amount of power. Trump has galvanised this power within us and they know that through him we are emboldened.

Matt then takes us back to 1968 and Governor Wallace, who was a prototype for Trump. He wanted to end the wars that Americans were being sent on and bring them back home to deal with the cities that were being burned up by the Black civil rights terrorists. Matt reads us a quote describing how Wallace stood at a memorial and took an oath to ensure that segregation would continue and that integration would be rejected along with the status quo. He drew a line in the dust, threw a gauntlet down to the forces of tyranny and by doing this, won himself massive support throughout the entire country in White working class areas. This then caused Nixon to have to move to the Right, as ‘the law and order’ candidate. He also took a hard stance against the rioters and this was directly down to Governor Wallace.

He was a populist who spoke like Bernie Sanders one minute and Donald Trump the next. He wanted real social justice for the working man alongside segregation. America had forced integration back then and today we have the same thing with enforced refugee resettlement. We used to be able to control who came into our communities, but then Martin Luther King and his thugs marched into areas that were White and forced themselves into our space. This agenda of forcing Whites out so that we do not have even one place that we can call our own started right back then and is being continued today with the Kalergi plan, Soros etc. Wallace stood up to this and opposed the forced bussing, the forced diversifying of communities, the wars and the giving away of our jobs and he won support for this throughout America, not just in the communities directly affected.

Wallace knew that he was not going to win all the votes, he just wanted to get enough to force the system to start making changes to appease his supporters. This should be an inspiration to us as we too can change the direction of the politicians by putting pressure on them at the local and federal level so that it costs them their elections. They will then have to make a choice, whether to continue losing or to pivot in our direction. We can hold them hostage like this for as long as it takes, until they start voting in the way that we want them to.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: We Have the Power – DT 101216


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