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The Daily Traditionalist: We Have Your Back


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to look at Russian/American relations and how we can turn them to our advantage.

Dr Johnson explains that never at any time can he remember the situation being this bad between Russia and America. The average American could be called to die for his country, yet none of them would have any idea of why. Most Americans do not even know where Syria or Ukraine are on a map. If this turns into a hot war America will lose, partially due to Russia’s defence pact with China, which would mean they would instantly stop buying American debt and cause the economy to crash.

Matt points to Brexit and the Trump phenomenon and asks whether the Jewish oligarchs are trying to deliberately break the system so that if they cannot have it, nobody can have it. Nationalism is winning, so the globalist system is starting to behave like a wounded animal acting irrationally.

Warfare gives the state a good excuse to get rid of it’s domestic enemies while outwardly going after the external enemy, as we saw with the imprisoning of Oswald Mosely and the BUF in Britain during the forties and this may also be part of the design behind the calls for war with Russia.

Dr Johnson suggests that in this calm before the storm breaks, we should be asking people why all this is going on. Buzz words and slogans have been fed to the Anglo-speaking world that have no substance whatsoever to them. It is not hard to break them down with real knowledge and by then asking follow up questions, for instance the United Russia Party has more support from Russian people than any party since the time of the Soviet Union, so how can Putin be a dictator or acting against the interests of the Russian people?

The troll culture has succeeded so well because it has exposed buzzwords like hate, racism and anti-Semitism as being completely meaningless, they are now seen as just being ways to shut down forbidden facts and opinions. Dr Johnson says he has felt more inspired now than at any other point in his life, with the huge upsurge in Nationalism among the younger generations who are our future.

Instead of being tricked into rebelling by taking drugs and whoring, they are rebelling against the political correctness they have been forced to endure since they were in diapers. For the first time many people are now realising that Nationalism is the only ideology that is standing on guard and watching our backs.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: We Have Your Back – DT 101316


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