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The Daily Traditionalist: World War Three


Matthew Heimbach and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson host another episode of The Daily Traditionalist and Matt begins by talking about his recent appearance at The Hammer Fest in Georgia, before asking Dr Johnson about how much closer we are this week to world war three.

The US is claiming to be at war against ISIS, yet all the weaponry for the Islamists is coming from America. This is the same as the war on drugs, where the drug money is keeping the stock exchange going. Any country that genuinely tries to go after the drugs dealers or the terrorists like the Philippines or Russia, will then be targeted as a threat to human rights and threatened with warfare by America.

Obama has recently tried to veto a bill allowing the Saudis to be sued for their contribution to 911 and Dr Johnson questions whether this could achieve anything anyway, as the Saudis could quite legitimately just ignore it. If it did go through, then a lot of dirty laundry would be aired, but as far as getting any compensation it is very doubtful it would succeed as ‘international law’ is really just something that the victors of the world war two dreamed up as a way to legitimise invading other countries.

It has also been revealed that millions of dollars have been spent on producing Al Quaida propaganda by the security services. This is supposed to be for the purposes of entrapment, but it has the side effect of radicalising many more people than it actually helps to catch.

Trump’s rhetoric has really helped as far as getting these subjects on the table again, but the impact of these revelations will still be minimal. It is known that there were no WMDs, that thousands of soldiers were killed, that w now have a surveillance state and Hillary Clinton supporting the destruction of America’s heritage, that she is talking about waging war against Russia which will be lost if she manages to start it, but still the American public are just sitting back and accepting it.

It looks like there are three things which need to happen before people will wake up, either a war against Russia, the crash of the economy, or a terrorist uprising against Trump by Black Lives Matter. Dr Johnson thinks the polls showing support for Clinton must be falsified as he has yet to see a Clinton lawn sign anywhere. He thinks they feel safe about preventing Trump winning by deceitful means as they know that White people will not rise up in the way that Blacks will. Trump sells out stadiums wherever he goes and Clinton has hardly anyone showing up, yet still they are claiming that Clinton is winning in the polls.

If the system does get caught rigging things for Hillary like it did to Al Gore and in 1960 against Richard Nixon, then the big question will be whether Whites will finally fight back at last.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: World War Three – DT 100316


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