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The Daily Traditionalist: The Wounded Animal Lashes Out


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to give us some analysis  on today’s invasion of Mosul. He wonders who the people are that are really the target, if the fighters there are using American weapons and are funded by American allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Matt points out the hypocrisy that is being shown here, when Russia goes into eastern Aleppo, to free the civilians from Islamic terrorists it gets vilified by the media and threatened with war, yet when America does the same in Mosul we are expected to cheer. Dr Johnson thinks a lot of the reason for why Russia is hated for doing this is that they are a Christian nation doing this to help liberate another nationalist state, they are not doing it to spread globalism and human rights.

The Russian coalition makes sense, it is made up of Russia, Syria and Iran, who are all allied, whereas the US coalition is made up of groups who are all at war with one another, such as Turkey and the Kurds. Iraq and Syria were both able to overcome these sorts of divisions with a strong state apparatus, but this goes against the liberal ideology. The best way to win this war is to get it done as quickly as possible like the Russians are. The globalist way of handing out aid to them and waiting 2 months before going in just draws it out and even allows the terrorists to restrict access to the aid so they can gain civilian support.

This is not meant to be a victory, it is all just for propaganda and Dr Johnson wonders how many of the Iraqi fighters will change their allegiance as soon as they come across the ISIS fighters. In Afghanistan the Taliban is now more powerful than ever before as the government America left in place there does not represent the people. Nobody wants to risk their life fighting for a puppet state working for a foreign empire. Libyans are now on record as saying they regret getting rid of Gaddafi and his system was leagues ahead of what they have now. Strong independent states with nationalist leanings are the only way to rule the Middle East, but nationalist states will always be opposed to Zionism and to Israel and that is the real reason for the attacks on Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Wounded Animal Lashes Out – DT 101816


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