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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Stormer Report: It’s a Great Time to be Alive

stormer report

Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks for another Stormer Report, discussing material from the most inspiring articles at The Daily Stormer and Info Stormer. Sven starts with a brief description of the latest accusations of Anti-Semitism being levelled at the Labour Party before moving straight into the main topics of the show, the Wikileaks info-dump and the Jew-media’s pathetic attempt at shaming the Glorious Leader with a slut brigade.

Lee gives us a list of the witch’s crimes including arms deals for bribes, government positions dictated by Jewish bankers, admissions of lying to the public, FBI trips abroad in exchange for reclassification of emails, knowing about vote rigging and taking donations from foreign sources by proxy. Every one of these should have been headline news but they haven’t been, instead we have had Jewess Gloria Allred’s slut brigade lying their heads off about how Trump groped/kissed/made a move on them. These feminist traitors clearly believe that anything at all can be morally justified if it means stopping Trump, something the media have been encouraging people to do for months now.

After discussing the leaks and the liars, Sven and Lee have a good laugh at the news the ADL have hired Pepe creator Matt Furie to design a new SJW Pepe for them, showing the limited one-track minds that these Jews have. We have an army of meme magicians who are more than capable of taking anything Furie creates and turning it to our advantage, the same as was done with the Ben Garrison illustrations. This shows the difference between the creative powers of the White man and the lack of any inspiration in the Jew. We are doing what we do because we believe in it, not because we are being paid and this is why the quality and content of our propaganda is so superior to theirs. Ours is funny, theirs is just fart jokes.

The podcast finishes with a look at what is coming ahead, will Clinton even turn up for the final showdown? Subversive Jew David Axelrod appears to be toying with the idea of calling it off, rather than have his puppet drug tested. James O’Keefe is also claiming to have video footage confirming the information in the Wikileaks and we have just three weeks to go until the most important election since 1933. The similarities to Hitler are not just in the Jew’s imagination, there has not been a movement as big as this that threatens their interests since the war. It truly is a great time to be alive.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: It’s a Great Time to be Alive – SR 101616


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