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Truth Will Out Radio: Dogfights, Jewfights and Stalin


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt return with another Truth Will Out Radio, this week including part 4 of Schmitt’s presentation on Hans Joachim Marseille and a discussion on whether Stalin was a Jew and a Freemason.

Schmitt starts things off with a recap from the last episode, before going into great detail on Marseilles revolutionary flying techniques and the difficulties involved in dogfighting. The gravitational forces were immense on these pilots and you had to be incredibly fit just to be able to keep consciousness while flying, before even thinking of trying to hit a moving target.

After that we get to hear some more anecdotes from Marseille’s comrades, how he got lost in a heavy sandstorm and how they were unable to learn his techniques, no matter how hard he tried to explain them to them.

Finally, we get a description of what it was like when Marseille had mastered his airplane and was able to shoot allied fighters out of a defensive circle without getting hit himself. First we get a description from the German side and then we get the official British report of how his unit managed to shoot down 7 enemy planes without losing one of their own.

After that we get some good news from Dennis, that he is putting together a bonus episode of Communism by the Back Door that will include among other things more information on Stalin’s background and an explanation on why there is some confusion on whether Stalin really was a Freemason. Sven reads some quotes that show that Stalin’s mother had a Jewish father, before listing the Jews that made up the Communist establishment after Stalin’s supposed Jewish purges.

Dennis then explains that Stalin did get rid of some Masonic lodges, but only the ones that claimed to be worshipping a god. There were also atheist Masonic temples that claimed to have no god, these were left alone and Stalin was a member of them.

The podcast finishes with Dennis reading some quotes from the young Stalin that could have been said by Cameron, Merkel or Obama today. We may not be living under a hard form of Communism, but we are living under the soft form. There is no need for them to send us to the gulags today as they have the television to control the masses with. It does not always have to be a stick that is used to bring the donkey into line, a carrot can be equally as good.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Dogfights, Jewfights and Stalin – TWOR 100716


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