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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever– Alt-Media Gets Elected to the White House


Fascist Lemming is back with a new episode of The Best Current Year Ever covering all the latest news since the revolution began last Tuesday. Steve Bannon being given the job of chief strategist is winding the Jews up good and proper and despite his obvious covering up for them, this is still very good for us. Alex Jones has been thanked, Trump and Putin have been on the phone and Mexico is bracing itself to take back millions of parasites. This really is the best damn current year ever, but we do still have some negative news to report, just as this was being recorded Twitter started banning prominent members of the Alt-Lite but this cannot last for ever, they will eventually have to face up the fact that they lost, we won and we are the establishment now.

First article this week is from The Jewish Forward and it is about Trump giving his first interview to Sheldon Adelson’s right-wing Israeli newspaper. This sucks and it does look horrible, but he does say Israel is going to have to deal with the Palestinians on their own and America will not be involved. We will just have to put up with Trump’s pro-Israel stance, we cant win them all and if he had taken a stand against Israel he would not have been able to get elected. We are getting the wall, we are getting the deportations and we are getting peace with Russia which is all better than any of us could have hoped for just 18 months ago.

Next up is a Jewish letter signed by thousands pledging solidarity between Jews, Moslems and other invaders. Alex Soros has been involved in this and The Jewish Daily Forward of course paints Daddy Soros in a positive light and pretends to be fearful over risks to his life, due to Trump’s final advertisement which featured him and other Jews as the arch criminals of the world. The same news source is also attacking Steve Bannon for ‘anti-Semitism’ but what he and Trump are really against are the behaviour patterns of Semites and the harmful results of them, they are not opposed to the Semites themselves. The JDF don’t understand this of course and are claiming that Bannon is hostile to American values and that Breitbart is aimed only at racists, anti-Semites and White Nationalists. A selection of Jewish tweets from the article then follow, kvetching about the Alt-Right now being in the White House. AIPAC is apparently apoplectic but remaining silent, while Julia Ioffe has been faking tweets from Anglin and snuggling up to Richard Spencer.

Alex Jones has been given a thank you call from Trump and he claims that the hero of the hour will be on his show soon to thank all the Infowars viewers for their help. However much we love to hate Jones, Infowars is an anti-narrative platform that is mostly hated by Jews and has always been an anti-establishment kind of show. This is so fantastically positive, we now have a president who actually calls Alex Jones personally. This confirms how against the mainstream media he really is. He has already told people to get their news from the internet and not from the TV and now he thanks the largest alternative media source personally.

Trump and Putin have been talking together and both have vowed to form an alliance against Islamic terrorism, with Putin wasting no time before starting to bomb Aleppo again. Mexico is whining that it will now have to take millions of it’s hordes back including the drug dealers, with no jobs available and no more remittances. They are saying they are not in any way going to be able to cope without the $25billion they have been siphoning off from the American economy every year. Well they should have thought of that before they chose the life style of a parasite and we hope that Trump seizes the funds of the deported immigrants to help pay the costs of the wall as well.

The Best Current Year just keeps getting better and Fascist Lemming is here to keep you all up to date with the latest amazing turns that it’s taking.

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever– Alt-Media Gets Elected to the White House – FL 111616


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