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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Thanks Jews!

Hot off the presses Fascist Lemming returns with The Best Current Year Ever covering all the most relevant news stories of the day, beginning with the redemption of Richard Spencer, who surprised us all with his ‘Hail Victory’ speech referencing the Lugenpresse and appearing to do a Roman salute at the end.

We are all Republicans now and the Jews seem to be doing their best to keep promoting us everywhere, crediting us with the rise of Trump and constantly wringing their hands about our success and Spencer is right, they do need us to keep their news stories exciting and relevant. His performance at the NPI was really impressive, he exposed the media conspiracy to protect Jewish interests and he called them soulless gollums. Trump’s victory has really energised us, none of us have gone back to sleep as we were warned we would and all these articles they keep writing about us are really helping to normalise White Nationalism, so thanks Jews.

During and after the conference, rabid hordes of savages were chanting their retarded slogans and generally making themselves appear obnoxious to the rest of the world. They broke in to the hotel that the NPI were using, but instead of condemning this the hotel actually paid $10,000 in protection money to the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL themselves have been busy attacking Steve Bannon and claiming that Spencer’s comment about the antifa laying siege to the building ‘not being people at all’ was anti-Semitic. Headlines reading ‘Are Jews People At All’ have predictably made an appearance and Lemmy confirms that actually, no they are not, they are really demons sent to us straight from hell.

Trump has rejected the idea that he is responsible for the mainstreaming of White Supremacy and he is right. It is thanks to the Jews attempting to link us with him , that we have been given this great gift. We used Trump, he did not use us. It is building the wall, removing illegal immigrants and peace with Russia that has energised us and Trump has said he is going to look into why we are energised, which can only be a good thing.

In their rage at Spencer’s loyalty to his own race, the Jews have over-reached themselves once again and one of them has published his address and called for people to visit him with baseball bats. The journalist in question has now been sacked for this, after the police department were called and Politico were forced to issue an apology for their co-ethnic. It’s great to see them squirming for this sort of behaviour at last.

The best is saved until the end however, when we learn that the CNN  bigshots all went to a meeting with the Trumpenfuhrer expecting to be given access to interviews with him and instead, he called them all deceitful liars to their faces and condemned the entire network for it’s foul deeds. Trump’s registry for Moslems looks like it will happen, with Kris Kobach handing him his comprehensive plan for the first year of the Trump administration and Sherrif Joe is looking certain to be the border patrol chief. The year continues on it’s course of being the best ever and Fascist Lemming continues to document the best of it all for us, finishing the podcast with an eye witness account of a White Lives Matter protest, that you can learn more about over at his Youtube Channel.

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Thanks Jews! – FL 112316


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  1. Let's wait and see. No one outside the small circle knows how this is going to play out. Narrative manipulation isn't limited to one direction.