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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – No Time for Complacency


It's been a week since the November 8th elections and even though the Trump victory has been covered extensively elsewhere, there is no way Grandpa could not talk about this victory on the show. Hillary's supporters were crushed and in tears, they just couldn't believe that she had actually lost. None of her supporters were more shell shocked than the media however, who were completely dumbfounded that this had actually occurred. Grandpa discusses how these people surround themselves in a delusion bubble and refuse to deal with reality. A constant theme that we see from them is they just can't believe this happened and they thought there was no way they could lose, which is just silly. We knew it could go either way, but then again we deal in the world of reality.

Grandpa discusses the irony of how we heard over and over again that it was important that Trump and his supporters accept the will of the American people on election day, yet now we have Hillary's supporters breaking windows and setting things on fire in the streets because she lost. Would we have been out vandalizing property if Trump had lost? Of course not but again, the media never believed that Trump would actually win. Grandpa breaks down the election aftermath and the protests. Who are these people and what does it mean for our cause? Whether it's the election or the protests afterward it's just another phase of the race war.

There has been some worry that now we have won a battle in the election we are now going to get complacent. Grandpa looks around our side and doesn't really see that happening though. Perhaps among some normie Trump supporters but among the Alt-Right the attitude seems to be (correctly) that yeah let's celebrate this battle won, but it's just one of many in our war. We understand that this is just a step and though it's nice to celebrate a victory for a change we will quickly move on and keep bringing the fight to the enemy. Grandpa Lampshade shares an illustration from the first major battle of the American Civil War at Bull Run as a comparison for our current situation in this war that we are engaged in. We have our enemies on the run. These riots are not a sign that these people are angry, they are lashing out in fear and now is the time to press them harder than ever.

Grandpa Lampshade takes us back and reminds us of when the Jew ADL and SPLC named Pepe as a hate symbol and demanded that Trump disavow us because we are all Nazi haters. Where are the calls for the Democrats to disavow these rioters? Where are the calls for the Democrats to take responsibility for the fact that their supporters aren't respecting the democracy? Of course we already know the answer to this but it is important to point out, none the less.

We do plan to keep pressing the fight to the enemy. We will double down on our attacks but what exactly does this mean? We say this but what does that actually look like? What do we do? Grandpa Lampshade breaks it down and gives us his take on what our actions will look like going forward. We have momentum on our side which actually makes things a bit easier for us now.

After Trump was elected we had Leftists on Twitter openly calling for his assassination and in fact some of these people were threatening to take him out themselves. In light of the numerous times Grandpa Lampshade and many others on our side have been banned from Twitter when we have made no threats of violence, Grandpa asks, "How many of these people have been banned? Is this not a violation of Twitter's precious terms of service?" We have Leftists openly calling for violence in the face of our multiple bans for merely speaking uncomfortable truths. The battle lines have been drawn 

In dealing with any of the questions that face us, the biggest one is the Jew problem. Jews will never stop agitating these other races and they will never be satisfied with the status quo. Out of all the differences in the races and as destructive as blacks are in a society, the most destructive element is always going to be the Jew. Grandpa illustrates for us how Jews are always going to bring social upheaval. It is a genetic drive for them, they just can't help it.

Grandpa helpfully breaks down the Jew question for normies. Why do Jews do the things they do? If our side is wrong about the Jews, then why do we have so much material, so many facts to deal with? Facts are facts and if we're not just blindly raving about Jews but instead presenting facts, surely there has to be some truth there. Grandpa is sympathetic to you normies. What you must understand is many of us were once just like you. So what changed for us? In the end, upon investigation the facts become undeniable.

Grandpa Lampshade also discusses what real intellectualism is. It is not simply listening to your Marxist college professor tell you what to think and then going out and regurgitating those positions. Real intellectualism is taking your beliefs, taking the things you believe to be facts and weighing them against observable reality. If your beliefs won't hold up to what reality shows you then it is time to adjust your beliefs on that particular topic to bring them in line with the truth. It is not a sign of weakness to change your view on something and to admit you were wrong about that one point, it is logical, it is intellectual. Grandpa issues a challenge to any normie to do just that. Listen to us, read our material and decide for yourself if our views are grounded in truth or not.

Grandpa Lampshade believes that ultimately we will be victorious and he shares with us some of the key reasons why this is. In short; our enemies don't understand us and for that matter they don't even understand themselves. Our enemies by and large are simply emotionally driven and will not face reality on any tangible level if it makes them uncomfortable or doesn't paint them as the leading role in the world. They live in a bubble of delusion and are unable to grapple with reality on any real level.

In depth post election coverage as well as looking forward to the future, you will find it all right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – No Time for Complacency – GL 111516


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  1. Grandpa Lampshade, you are doing sterling work. A natural teacher.