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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Sob Stories

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Tuesday is here again and so of course that means it’s time for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. What is new in the world of the Lampshade? The blog continues to grow and Grandpa updates us on what he has been working on. It is good to be busy focused on our work while we struggle towards the things we are trying to achieve, but it is also important to stop and take a moment to appreciate all those who make it possible. Grandpa extends his heart felt gratitude to all who have contributed to the show and will be splitting a third of any contributions he gets with Radio Aryan and The Daily Stormer. It is so very important to acknowledge that without the work of Sven Longshanks at Radio Aryan and Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer there would be no show, so Grandpa truly appreciates the work and the hours that these people are putting in to further our cause. It would be impossible to achieve anything of significance on our own but together we can accomplish great things!

Getting into the meat of this week's frogcast, Grandpa discusses counter measures to the ‘sob story’ manipulation that is so effectively used by our enemies against us. Every time any discussion comes up that could help our people, you can rely upon being hit with sad stories about individual people who this would have a negative effect on. It is meant to play on our sense of empathy and it often times works. The Jew is a master at playing on our sense of sympathy and tendency to want to help others. Grandpa asks: where is our sob story? When they hit you with some sad story about this poor individual person who is going to be deported, where are the sob stories of the numerous people who have been killed, assaulted, robbed or raped by these same types of people that the media is demanding we feel sorry for? Why is there no sob story for us? The ((media)) doesn't care about these people one bit, this is just another tool in their arsenal to get us to willingly march further toward the grave of our people. Be on guard for it and fight back!

These things of course are just a symptom of living in a jewed out society. The thing about Jews is that they will invert your perspective on everything. It's like a bizarro world where everything is backwards from reality. Blacks commit the majority of crime yet they will always be portrayed as the victim. Whites are usually the targets of this violence yet it is we who are always made out to be the oppressors. Grandpa brings us the cold hard truth: no matter what type of government you set up, no matter what sort of system you put in place and no matter what your demographics look like, you will never have a peaceful, prosperous and stable society so long as the Jew is present within it. To normies it can seem like we have some weird unexplainable hang up when it comes to naming these kikes but this is why we do so. There is no way to fix a problem if you cannot identify the source of it and so often when you get down to the heart of any problem in our society, you find the Jew as the root cause of it.

Moving on to election news, Grandpa Lampshade has cast his early vote in for a Trumpslide. As always, Grandpa highly recommends early voting, it's the only way to go. A clear pattern has emerged when it comes to electronic voting machines defrauding the election. We have read these stories all over the internet and Grandpa has had someone IRL tell the exact same story: if you vote straight Republican ticket upon review, you will sometimes find that it has switched the Presidential vote and only the Presidential vote from Trump to Hillary. Many people skip past the ‘review your ballot’ portion much like everyone does when they are downloading an app and it tells you to review their terms of service. This is why it is so insidious and obviously intentional: the only vote that gets changed is the vote for President and it is always changed from Trump to Hillary, never the other way around. Do not cast a straight Republican ballot and be sure that you review your vote to make certain you are not unintentionally casting a vote for the hag instead. In other voting news, as we all know by now the FBI has announced they are reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal. What does this mean? Things on the ground are changing fast and have probably changed even more by the time this show airs. Still, Grandpa gives us a quick rundown of what he thinks is going on when it comes to this.

Staying on the topic of the current Presidential election, Grandpa then discusses the different views from the opposing parties as to what this election represents. For the Leftist, they believe that if they can just keep Trump from rising to power then this whole revolution will go away and things will go back to what they were before, we will all shut up, go away and go back to grinding shekels out for the Jewish machine. For us however, this election represents the last opportunity to turn the ship around peacefully with the ballot box. This election has taken on a life of it's own and now represents far more than simply a preference in Presidential candidates. Grandpa Lampshade breaks it all down as to how he sees this election and what it represents for out people and for ourselves.

In the last segment Grandpa Lampshade discusses the very dangerous game these people are playing by blatantly setting up a system where the rules only apply to everyone else and not to them. It may appear that these people must be smart to be in the positions they have, but this just isn't the case. If they were smart they would see the mine field they are creating by doing this and avoid it, but instead they are plunging forward as though nothing will change, as though this thing will never come back round and bite them in the neck. Grandpa breaks it all down as to why this unsustainable situation is heading for complete disaster. 

With so many happenings it’s hard to keep up, but one thing you can count on is that we will keep talking about them, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Sob Stories


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