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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – They Rage Against Reality Itself


Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is back, as reliable as the sun coming up every morning, Grandpa Lampshade is here through rain, sleet, snow and all the efforts of these kikes to shut us down. Grandpa starts off by filling us in on some in-house business. The Grandpa Lampshade Blog has topped it's all time high traffic twice this past week so it's very encouraging to see it getting popular. Grandpa has now decided to rename the contribution/donation links as sponsorship links. You see, this is what we are actually doing when we support the show. We are taking the place of advertisers which, as we all know, we are unable to obtain on the True Right due to operating under the Jewish controlled system. As always, Grandpa reminds everyone that 1/3 of all sponsorship money is redistributed to the Daily Stormer and Radio Aryan. This isn't a Jerry Lewis telethon but you too can make a huge difference in playing the role of a sponsor for the program for just a few dollars a month.

Our number one source of funding on the Right is going to be bitcoin. If you know nothing else about bitcoin then know this: it is a means to move funds around that is not centrally controlled by the Jewish establishment and they cannot shut us down through it. Grandpa has always been a bitcoin sceptic in the past and it has always been a bit of a foreign concept to him. Realizing that he is not the only one, he has decided to do a quick bitcoin 101 class. GPL breaks down the basics of bitcoin, how to get set up with it and how it works. It may seem intimidating at first but once you set your wallet up, you will find it to actually be very simple.

Moving on into the current topics part of the program Grandpa Lampshade takes a look at the Leftists who are continuing to melt down into a nationwide whinefest about Trump winning the election. Why are they doing this? Weren't we told over and over before the election that if Trump lost (which these people were convinced was going to happen) that it was we who would be causing havoc in the streets? So why are these people doing this when what we saw with Trump's victory was Muh Democracy in action? GPL explains that what we are seeing manifest in these people is a large scale mental breakdown. These people who live in a world of delusion are convinced (programmed) that they are righteous and good and that anyone who doesn't think as they do is evil. Now they are confronted with the reality that over half the country does not think like they do, what is their reaction? Do they re-examine their beliefs? No, they double down and decide that this must mean that over half the country are evil racist haters.

Now that we have finally won a hard fought victory at the voting booth, perhaps now the democracy is finally working in our favor, right? Perhaps we who promote National Socialism need to take a step back and reconsider the merits of democracy, right? Wrong. Yes, we did win a hard fought victory which is great but Grandpa points out that the underlying demographic issues that we face still remain. If we get 2 terms from Trump which is 8 years, in 8 years there will be that many more of these other races than there will be of us. They reproduce like rats at a phenomenal rate while we simply don't. Thus long term, democracy is not going to get us anywhere in terms of achieving a homogenous civilized White society. The invaders all have the vote and they are not going to vote themselves out of the country. So what do we do? How do we get there? Obviously GPL doesn't have all the answers, however there are some things in play that can and will work in our favor. Great upheaval is coming and though unpleasant, will likely shake up the system to the point where we may get our opportunity to establish the type of system we need, to save our people from the planned genocide set against us.

In the final segment, Grandpa Lampshade discusses our work right now which largely consists of bringing more people into our ranks. Tactics that are effective in Europe are not necessarily effective in America, so what is the best way to go? Working with people on more of an individual basis or trying to organize a street march? Grandpa believes that both tactics can be effective but we have to keep in mind what our goals are and what we are trying to achieve. If we are trying to bring an individual into our camp the message will need tailoring so they understand what we are trying to convey to them and do not reject it out of hand. If you holding a street rally what are you trying to achieve? If it is media attention and getting our message out on a large scale how do you plan to do that? Set a goal and focus on achieving that goal.

It is natural that everyone will have a different idea on how to accomplish this, so how do we deal with these differences? GPL refers back to Adolf Hitler's wisdom on stark differences of opinion on how to move forward, where he advises letting neither compromise their principles. Let each go the way they think is best and the one with the superior ideas will reap the most success, thus rallying the most people to our cause. More than likely their paths will wind up coming back together down the road anyway. There is no reason to have a huge falling out and burn bridges with others over what tactic to take. Let each hold fast to their own principles and we will see who is the most effective.
We have won some recent victories and we will win more in the future. We have faced adversity and we will face more in the future. There are things that will happen that are out of our control and the same will be happening to our opponents, but we are in a better position to deal with these things than they are, as our position is based on the truth. Our enemies rage and fight not just against us, but against reality itself. Remember that and decide for yourself who is in a stronger position to achieve victory. Keep up the fight, keep pressing forward and keep listening to Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – They Rage Against Reality Itself – GL 112216


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  1. Grandpa, please, stop eating your microphone. The loud constant slurping and smacking is irritating. I love your show but please read about proper microphone placement online and run your frogcasts through the pop & hiss filter on your audio software. I couldn't even finish the last two frogcasts because it sounds like you are sucking on something while talking and I want to hear what you have to say.