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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Lampshade’s Jugend


Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day is back and hitting everything from the Jews jewing us to the pedo politicians. No topic is off limits at Thoughts of the Day.

In-house business first and Grandpa extends a heart felt word of appreciation for Moshe who has been providing the images for the show (the above one actually comes from Angel though, as Moshe is currently ill). As you have no doubt noticed, they have gone from lame cropped together messes that Grandpa has tried to do, to all of a sudden top notch meme material. This is because Moshe has been creating most of the recent ones for us. Grandpa cannot stress enough how much he appreciates this (even if he can't pronounce the name properly) not only because it makes the show look so much better but because believe it or not, it actually took Grandpa quite a bit of time to put together the previous hard to look at memes that were there before. Also Grandpa thanks the sponsors of the show who have come through this past week and decided to step up and put their money where their mouth is by supporting the show. Jewgle ads? We don't need no stinking Jewgle ads we have listener sponsors! 1/3 of our sponsorship money has already been sent in bitcoin to the Daily Stormer and Radio Aryan because GPL is true to his word.

On to the meat of the program and Jill (((Stein))) of Green Party fame, who is now claiming to be raising money in order to recount the votes because she is so concerned about the integrity of the election process for the Goyim. Of course, she is only recounting in the key swing states that Trump won. She only acquired 1% of the vote so there is no way a recount helps her in any way, so what exactly is going on here? Is she trying to sway the election for Hillary? Is it just a Jew scam for shekels? Grandpa believes that the disarray that we see in our opponent's tactics reveal that they themselves are split on what exactly to do.

Next up, Grandpa tackles the Pizzagate topic. This has been covered extensively on the internet and been touched on previously before the election on Thoughts of the Day, but this week Grandpa has decided to go a little bit more in-depth on the topic. In the Podesta emails we find a lot of food references that make no sense and are obviously code words for something else entirely and it turns out that all them are actually well documented terms used in the pedo community. When you take another look at these emails with this in mind they suddenly make sense. Beyond the fact that obviously these are sick and evil people that we are talking about here, Grandpa goes deeper to the heart of the issue and looks at how these shabbos goy are kept on a leash by their Jew masters. The Jews cannot openly run everything or it would be too obvious that we are being ruled over by a hostile foreign entity, so they have to put useful goys into those positions of power to act on their behalf. The problem with that is what is there to keep these goys from getting ideas of their own once they are in power? If you have tapes and documentation of them having sex with children, then that is a pretty secure insurance policy to guarantee that they will always do your bidding. When looked at from this perspective, all of a sudden the actions that your politicians take that seem to make no sense at all start making perfect sense. It is not the case that liberals are just naive and have good intentions, but their actions happen to have bad outcomes for us. It is not by happenstance that conservatives haven't done anything to turn the tide of the Marxist advance. These people are doing the bidding of their masters because they are nothing more than puppets totally beholden to their masters who are hiding all the dirt on them.

This brings us to our next point: all this corruption runs to the very core of the systems that are in place in all western democracies and nothing better illustrates the absolute necessity of our long term goal to replace them with a merit-based authoritarian system based on the principles of National Socialism. Grandpa highlights the fact that National Socialism is the most effective way of opposing Jewish Marxism and bringing an end to the corruption that runs rampant throughout our countries. This is the reason why it is demonized more so than anything else. There is absolutely no way that you can fix the corruption that runs to the very core of our societies with democracy. You either establish a National Socialist state or the corruption continues to rot away our societies until nothing is left, plain and simple. Grandpa Lampshade shares a warning with all the listeners: this is going to get much tougher and much more dangerous for all of us. Those who hold power now are not going to stand idly by and let us kick them out and replace the system that has served their interests so well over the years with one that actually benefits the people. Each and every one of us needs to be prepared mentally for the fact that at some point we will have to be willing to take risks and stick our necks out for the cause. This will be difficult and now is the time to start deciding the level of dedication needed because as our power and influence increases, the risks will increase that much more. Do you have the dedication to step up and risk it all for what you believe in? Now is the time to decide because it is just going to get tougher from here on in.

The listener questions/comments segment returns this week with a story from Okuma in the Radio Aryan Chatroom in reference to younger people who may be attracted to Nazism and fascism but are too young to really grasp what that even means. How do we approach these people? Do we try to point out that they really don't know what they are talking about when that may be true? The thing about young people is that they will always be attracted to things that appear to be a rebellion against the current system and what is the current system? Jewish Marxism and what is the most obvious, flashy and attractive thing that opposes that system? Nazism and Hitler imagery. Grandpa recommends that even if these young people don't really understand or know exactly what these things actually are, do all you can to encourage them down this path. Our positions are based on truth and the more they are curious about them the more they will explore the facts for themselves and discover these truths.

A final note, as always please be sure and check out Grandpa Lampshade's blog. Grandpa has a blog post up about a woman fired from her job from a bank for mild pro-Trump Facebook post and he has the Bank's contact information. It's time we teach these businesses that caving in and siding with the Marxists comes at a price and they can no longer throw our people under the bus with impunity.

A wide range of topics and commentary awaits you and it’s found only in one place: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Lampshade’s Jugend – GL 112916


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  1. How come you guys can't see the Jewish connection to national socialism you can see it to Communism you can see it to culture capitalism but yet you turned a blind eye because national socialism the only answer is a monarchy that is why the Jews got rid of every monarchy

    1. The Jews are promoting monarchy in the Jew-K and Sephardic Kate Middleton and her son Prince George are Jews.

    2. More likely they are making a farce out of Monarchy through race mixing, demonocracy, freemasonry and influence peddling.

    3. This week's SS Britannia is on the monarchy.

  2. How come you guys can't see the Jewish connection to national socialism you can see it to Communism you can see it to capitalism but yet you turned a blind eye because national socialism the only answer is a monarchy that is why the Jews got rid of every monarchy

    1. What Jewish connection? The National Socialists did more to expose the Jew and deal with the Jewish problem than any regime since the early Christian Roman Empire.