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Grandpa Lampshade: Within the Information Flow


There's a light rain falling and a steaming cup of coffee on the table. The atmosphere is just right....for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

So what’s happening out there? Well we had a White guy ambush and kill some cops. So have the Leftists finally been proved right now that one White guy has gone off the rails and killed cops? Is Grandpa Lampshade ready to recant everything he has said before about Black Lives Matter, Moslems and crime? Of course not. In fact, Grandpa illustrates for us how this incident is not something that proves him wrong, but rather an omen of the things he has predicted coming true.

There are rumors swirling about that the entire Clinton circle is involved in all sorts of disgusting behavior including pedophillia. Grandpa Lampshade asks, "Do we think these people are actually that bad so as to be engaged in this level of evil behavior?" In short, the answer is yes. Grandpa breaks it down for us and gives us a stark example of evidence that has already been released into the public sphere that indicates that there is something to these accusations. You see, the thing about corruption is that it is like cancer: it doesn't stay localized. Instead, it spreads through your entire being, your entire life and your entire soul. The level of evil with these people is being exposed and we're getting a glimpse of exactly what kind of wickedness we are dealing with here. Let me warn you, this segment is not suitable for the entire family to listen to but we must address the level of evil we are dealing with here.

After a quick shower from dealing with the previous topic, Grandpa moves on to discuss the sham of democracy. Democracy worked as a great set up for the Jew and the Marxist but there was an unforeseen flaw in their system: it depended on them controlling the flow of information. Many of us still don't understand how we are so effective online but Grandpa is going to break it down for you: they no longer control the flow of information. We are now a part of the flow of information and we are being very effective at getting our message, the truth out there. They did build in an override switch though: the JEWdicial system. When votes or referendums don't go their way, they simply use the legal system to override it and give them the outcome they desire. Now that the system is breaking down however, they are having to use this failsafe over and over again with greater frequency. This use of judicial override is now contributing to tearing down this lie of a system called democracy.

As you all know by now, Grandpa Lampshade is on Gab and there are quite a few normie pro Trump people on Gab. Needless to say, this has led to Granpda triggering some of these people when it comes to Muh Jews! It's sad really when you see people so close to the truth, but still unable to take that final step to realize who the actual enemy so much of the time is. Grandpa will continue to name these subversive kikes for what they are no matter what forum he may be on. To do otherwise would render his work irrelevant. So in light of this, what is Grandpa's view on Israel itself? In short: it solves one of Hitler's greatest issues: what to do with these kikes. To top it all off: they've been so kind as to build big walls around the country to make it easier for us in the future to keep them in. Think of it as a nationwide camp, it will bring a big smug smile to your face.

Moving on to the listeners questions and comments segment we go straight to Radio Aryan chat and Okuma wants to discuss Democracy in the context of how it relates to the female mind-set. He uses the example of a tv show he was watching to illustrate this and it makes for a fun and lively topic.
Grandpa wraps up the show with a segment just for the Christian listeners. Grandpa does these from time to time and as always, it's set to the end of the show so that those who aren't into such things do not have to miss any of the rest of the show by skipping this segment. However if you  do consider yourself a Christian listener then this is the segment for you, but you will probably get your jimmies rustled on some level or another. After all, that's kind of one of Grandpa's specialties.

Fun times and hot topics all the way through. From allegations of pedophillia to a discussion on Christianity, you only get this wide a range of subjects at one place: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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  1. Be absolutely clear. Palestinians hate white people just as all other non-whites do. Palestinians are among the biggest Holohoaxers on the planet. No Palestinian has ever for one moment worried about white genocide so stop this white guilt bullshit about worrying about other races..