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Radio Aryan Roundtable: Leftist Extremism in a Post-Truth World


Sven Longshanks, Zeiger and Juhani Keranen convene once again for another Roundtable looking at how SJW extremism has led to a post-truth world and a massive NRM demonstration in Sweden that is a part of our response to it.

Sven starts by exposing the National Union of Journalists guidelines on how to treat the ‘Far Right’. They basically say that we should receive no media coverage at all and that any crimes committed by minorities must be hidden. Due to this deception a new word has entered the English language ‘Post Truth’ which has been named as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. It’s definition is "relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief." This describes perfectly the emotional blackmail perpetrated on us by the mainstream media and the popularity of the word shows that the general public is now also aware of this. They will either have to now start having us on their programs or their viewers, listeners and readers will continue to dwindle in disbelief at the fantasy being presented to them until there are none left.

Zeiger presents an in-depth analysis of an article citing a scientific study that Leftists have done showing that White people do not respond well to being called names. Instead of being shamed into becoming Lefties, it tends to turn us into radical Nationalists. Since this tactic is all that the SJW movement has to use against us, it is doomed to fail and the Jews that control it know this. They are now instructing their hordes that they should be talking to us and trying to use reasoned arguments to change our point of view. However since they have no experience of doing this due to the earlier mentioned guidelines that prevent any debate, they are incapable of even forming a coherent argument, let alone winning one. The quality of the average SJW is so low, that they just cannot compete with our intellect.

Zeiger explains where the Left succeed at subtle manipulation due to their omnipotent presence in the mainstream media, they fail where extremism is concerned because it exposes to the world just how horrible they really are. Where we do not have that media presence we are unable to subtly manipulate, but our extremists look great to the general public as they are extremely good and talking common sense. With a view to helping push the Left to more extremism and more exposure of their stupidity, he gives us some insight into a major campaign being planned from the Daily Stormer high command bunker.

Juhani finishes the podcast by giving us an eye-witness account of the biggest anti-immigration demonstration in the history of Sweden. Seven hundred Nationalists made their presence felt, with the Nordic Resistance Movement leading the march through Stockholm. He describes attacks from Leftists and from the police and how they were prepared for this with a unit of shield bearers who protected the activists from the police batons. Leftists threw rocks, ice and flares at them and this was reported as ‘snowballs’ in the Finnish media, however the march did get covered by international media and it was reported that antifa had started the violence.  

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Zeiger and Juhani Keranen

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Leftist Extremism in a Post-Truth World – RT 112116


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  1. Sven I Longshanks for King!
    Superb discussion on the media and post-truth. Many thanks!