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Radio Free Northwest: Elections and Defections


Harold Covington presents the last edition of Radio Free Northwest before the big day of reckoning next week. First off he plays a clip of Michael Moore endorsing Trump and then one of Trump himself announcing the re-opening of the FBI investigation into the hildebeaste to roars of approval from the crowd. Harold thinks this means that Trump will win and reminds us that on top of the new corruption investigation, immigration has been harming Black chances of employment just as much as White, so he really doesn’t think they will be voting for Hillary.

Gretchen is up next and this week she is discussing volume one of Oswald Spengler’s ‘Decline of the West’. It was written before WW1 but became particularly timely after the war finished as there was a desire for social analysis to see what went wrong. His central thesis is that cultures die after new discoveries are made, they reach their zenith and become a shadow of what they once were. Many thought this was just pessimism, but he saw it as just a lack of idealism. He puts himself at odds with some aspects of National Socialism, but did anticipate the SS and a leader coming forth from the people. Gretchen found the book fairly laborious, but she did finally come to a breakthrough and volume two is supposed to be further to the right.

The Trucker tells us he is looking forward to election day and the city burning that will inevitably follow when the porch monkeys start getting excited and Harold lets us in on the latest conspiracy to be doing the rounds online, about the counter coup against the Clintons by the intelligence agencies. Apparently the crime family tried to steal the White house, so the first response was to expose the Clinton money laundering operation by passing the emails to Wikileaks. The second reaction was to get Comey to re-open the Clinton investigation and expose her for being the criminal that she is.

For the last part of the podcast Harold gives us his analysis of what is happening. He thinks the email server destruction was all about covering up the bribery and corruption of the Clinton foundation. He does not think Comey has suddenly discovered he has a conscience as he is not a cop, he is a spy, who spies on the American public. Instead, he thinks Comey may have been told to drag the investigation out and then drop it, but this may have upset the other agents more than was anticipated. Especially with the realisation that many of their jobs would be given to monkeys if Clinton was to get in. Maybe after listening to them, Comey has realised that his job is actually far safer under Trump than Clinton and what he has done is defect, right now just before the election.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Elections and Defections – RFN 110316

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