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Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance Part 3


Harold Covington presents the third and final part of his Ghostdance series. He begins by recapping the story behind the title, drawing parallels between what we face today and the fate of the Red Indians. After that we get straight into analysis of the current situation with Donald Trump as president elect and concern that this may cause us to think we have won, when all we have achieved is success in a single battle.

The war still rages on regardless and Harold reminds us that he is not trying to incite people to break the law with these podcasts by using acts of violence to resist. He is trying to encourage us to take the initiative and effect change, first internally and then externally. Seventy five years of White Nationalism has led to us still discussing our problems but doing nothing about putting a solution into action. It is still Obama’s America and Trump will not be able to turn the fish sandwich back into an aquarium.

The Butler plan is the only viable solution to securing our existence and a future for White children in America. Unless this is achieved, we will never have an exclusive White homeland. Whether we succeed in this or not, is up to you.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance Part 3 – RFN 112416

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