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Radio Free Northwest: They Believed Their Own Lies


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and starts by playing some of the audio clips he requested that people send in talking about the election result. Andy Donner is the first one and he warns that events may have overtaken us. Regardless of the win, we are still in the middle of a demographic nightmare and even if all illegals are sent home, a lot of damage has been done already. It has been a long term process and one election will not fix this, but it will buy us an extra few years. He thinks people would have been better off all moving to the northwest, than all voting for Trump.

Bill from Spokane is next and he points out some potential positives, such as interior enforcement of immigration laws and solving the anchor baby problem in the Supreme Court. He also draws attention to how traditional red states have turned blue due to the population replacement program.
The Trucker is not in his truck for once and reads out a letter to Democrats and Liberals, telling them how they created us through all their attacks on our people, our culture and our traditions. After that it’s Gretchen and this week she is reviewing Spengler’s Decline of the West Part 2.

The Call-in show did not go as planned, so instead we get some analysis from Harold, Don and Richard on how the election went. It was obviously skewed for Hillary and there were hundreds of tweets threatening or calling for the assassination of the god emperor. This went on a lot during the primaries, yet nobody was banned from Twitter for it and now he is president elect, it is a felony. Trump will have a huge international impact and the caller lists all the powers that the president has which he can use without the permission of congress. The border could be closed off in 24 hours right now, but the wall itself will make a very good symbol and there is nothing congress can do to stop him, all he has to do is get the officials to enforce the law.

Will Clinton be investigated, will she be pardoned, will more emails turn up and can it be shown that they resulted in any damage? What was Comey playing at right before the election, re-accusing her and then letting her off again? It looks like all sorts of skulduggery went on in the background and no intent is needed for a law to be broken, just negligence alone is enough.

This battle may have been won rather spectacularly, but the war against Whites continues and we should be on guard for further hostilities from our enemies.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: They Believed Their Own Lies – 111716

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