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SS Britannia: The Anglo-Trump Effect


Sven Longshanks and Subal host a new podcast for Radio Aryan looking at current events from a British perspective. Subal gives us his thoughts on what a Trump presidency will mean for the rest of the world and what it will mean for the Alt-Right. Andrew Anglin is correct in his analysis of the Jew’s response to this and how they are trying to turn us into the Alt-Lite by befriending certain public figures in the movement. We have to ensure that people name the Jew and do not leave a gap in the worldview that they export to others and the way to do this is through mockery and ridicule. Subal shows that this is the masculine way to do things by citing Homer’s Iliad, where the Trojans and Greeks would trade insults among themselves in order to encourage them to battle. This is the opposite of the feminine way of doing things, which is to form a cosey circle and then reward those who make exceptions for them and exclude those who do not.

The media has now changed it’s narrative on Trump, going from claiming he is an extremist to accusing him of compromise, so we need to be very careful about what he is actually saying and hold his feet to the fire if he is flip-flopping. In order to get the truth about what he is doing and has actually said, people will now have to come to Nationalist sites like The Daily Stormer which will then wake them up to the Jewish role.  So far he has not gone back on anything he has said and both hosts think he has been very gracious in victory and is holding his cards close to his chest. He would be daft to say too much before he actually gets sworn in.

Nigel Farage was the first public person to visit him and this bodes very well for American/Anglo relations, although some British politicians were incredibly rude to him during the campaign. Subal predicts that we may see Boris Johnson as Prime Minister yet and Sven sees the Conservatives moving further to the Right and Paul Nuttal leading UKIP in a more ethnically based direction. Johnson has already told the Eurocrats to stop whinging and has refused to join their strategy group on how to deal with Trump, while Marine LePen is now working with the Trump campaign organiser and could feasibly win the French election after Norbert Hofer wins the Austrian one.

The future has never looked brighter and Sven and Subal are here to discuss it in the first episode of SS Britannia.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: The Anglo-Trump Effect – SS 111416


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  1. Aryan should re-launch Fash Britannia on TRS.

  2. I enjoy these podcasts but I would like to hear a woman's perspective occasionally!
    No,I'm not emotional just logical!