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The Daily Traditionalist: All Stand Together


Tony Hovater joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist for a discussion about the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right, starting with Spencer’s Hail Victory speech and the infamous Roman Salute/Toast. Spencer has often dog-whistled Hitler in his speeches, so it is hard to see what people are so upset about. The barbarians are breaking through our borders and trying to kill us with the media enabling them, yet we have comrades who are attacking him for this. Matt thinks we have a problem with loyalty in the Alt-Right, being quick to condemn people for things we disagree with.

The Left always punches to the Right and it seems the Right is now doing the same. The Roman Salute is a big F-You to the media and the establishment, that’s all. Purity spiralling over it is just a way for people to excuse their own weakness. We do not have to agree with everything Spencer has said or done, but he is fighting for the same cause as us and he puts his face and name out there, along with the huge risks that go with that.

Jill Stein has raised $3.94 million to call for ballot recounts in the latest attempt to pervert democracy and dethrone the god emperor and the two hosts think this is probably just a fund raising scam, as most states already do recounts and Michigan have done three so far. Several of the ballot booths are owned by Soros and there are many videos available of people pressing the DJT button and it going to Clinton, so there is no way there was any funny business involved in Trump winning. He won despite all the dirty tricks played against him, not because of any on his part.

Trump’s new appointments are up next and Matt advises that we take a step back when viewing these, as most of them have been very good decisions on his part, such as making the UN ambassador someone who he doesn’t like, as the position has no political clout whatsoever. We have to think about things in a practical way, rather than be idealistic about his decisions.

The last part of the podcast deals with state institutions not flying the American flag but continuing to receive money from the administration. Thanks to the Left and behavior like this, eventually all those on the Right who didn’t vote for Trump, will be coming to our side. Its been a week full of hysterics thanks to the NPI video and the two hosts close the week out in a good mood, after all the free publicity that Spencer has gained for us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: All Stand Together – DT 112516


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