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The Daily Traditionalist: Alt-Right Mirror Image in Moldova


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week to talk about what is happening in Eastern Europe with Moldova and Bulgaria. They are the poorest countries in Europe, on a level with Ukraine, but both are full members of the European Union. Two Socialist party candidates (Moldova President Elect Igor Dodon above) have just won the election on National Socialist platforms and wanting a better relationship with Russia. Dr Johnson has read their party platforms in Russian and says that both parties are part of the same movement, which is anti-Liberal and pro-Russian. They have realised that the IMF is promoting liberalism and globalism, but they associate this with the Right wing. The new presidents are referring to themselves either as national socialist or patriotic socialist and are opposed to the EU. They are still using the old Communist symbols and titles, but their rhetoric has changed from that completely. This is due to those symbols motivating the people, as they associate them with a better past than they have now. The history of the soviet period is being synthesized with nationalism and the socialists are now  being associated with private property, a limited free market and the church. They have their own Alt-Right movement, only it has more of an outside appearance of being Alt-Left to those who are unable to read what they are saying.

The colour revolutions in Europe were set up to counter these movements and it looks like the same tactics are now being used in America. The same slogans and signs can be seen, showing that this has obviously been planned for some time, with the most unlikely candidate in Hillary being their hero. They are armed and violent and they have been promising this for months, so it can only be a matter of time before the national guard are called out. It is helping to drive conservatives into our camp, as working people try to get to school or work and are prevented from going by these spoilt brats. Since the Police are being held back, this automatically gives citizens the right to defend themselves against them. They appear to be destroying the citadels of liberalism and are leaving the trump areas alone and Dr Johnson reminds us that it was only in Kiev that the Ukraine revolution took place. They are doomed to fail if they want a colour revolution and Dr Johnson lists three particular reasons why. There is a war going on between the elites at the moment, most wanted Bernie not Hillary and now they are collapsing in on themselves. The money of the Rockefeller foundation is useless against our meme magicians and twitter warriors. We have discredited the entire Jewish media empire and they have no way to deal with that other than try a colour revolution with the hated witch Hillary as their mascot, which is obviously not going to work.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Alt-Right Mirror Image in Moldova – DT 111416


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