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The Daily Traditionalist: From the Ashes of the Empire


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the Thursday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about geopolitics. Matt starts the podcast by reminding people about the Nationalist Front rally this weekend and then explains that Russia are looking at blocking Microsoft and installing their own technology. Just as you need your own weapons, you also need your own information technology for national security. Dr Johnson says a bill to achieve this has gone through the Duma every year, but it is only now after the country has been under sanction that it has been signed into law. Dr Johnson thinks Russia will be entirely self sufficient in a year or so due to these sanctions, including having her own national bank.

Next up Matt brings our attention to Syria and how Assad has condemned America’s misuse of the term ‘human rights’ in order to attack Syria. Dr Johnson thinks the West’s definition of human rights is nothing more than liberalism demanding that nobody argue with it. It is just the political arm of capital and this can be seen by looking at the list of donors that contribute to these NGOs. The Russian police locked the Amnesty International staff out of their office yesterday because they know that these organisations are just fronts for foreign powers. Dr Johnson feels they now have more power than the army, especially when we see alliances between them, such as we have seen lined up against Syria and making complaints to the UN based on reports from terrorists.

News just out in Britain today is that the lower courts have decided parliament should have a vote on Brexit. Dr Johnson points out that the EU has fixed elections and referendums before and he thinks they will keep going until the vote finally goes their way, such as happened with Serbia and Montenegro. Concepts like democracy are just used as a way to buttress an opinion that somebody already has. Democracy is really just another term for liberalism and this is proved to us any time a non-liberal party wins popular support through elections and is then condemned by the entire media for being undemocratic.

The conversation then moves around to the American election and Matt brings us the news that Black turnout is down by 15% and White turnout is up by 16%. Hillary is polling at 45% which Dr Johnson does not believe could possible be true. He worries that the enemy will do everything they can to invalidate the election if Trump wins, including crashing the economy. They could throw lawsuits at him, get the BLM attack dogs to start setting fire to cities, all sorts of things are possible and he believes they will not take a Trump win lying down. Gary Johnson has obviously done a deal to stand against Trump in exchange for fame, but he appears to be crumbling under the spotlight. Both hosts think he could be having a breakdown, he has been making some crazy statements and even been rolling around on the floor. He looks like he is sabotaging his own campaign on purpose and Dr Johnson puts this down to years of cognitive dissonance.

To finish the podcast the two hosts discuss the decline of the American empire and how it needs to burn before a new nation and system can arise from it’s ashes.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: From the Ashes of the Empire – DT 110316


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