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The Daily Traditionalist: Jews Keep Jewing


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the Tuesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss world events, starting with Facebook and Twitter claiming that they want to cut down on fake news. Matt thinks this could be an excuse for cracking down on Nationalist media as one person’s reptilians is another person’s Breitbart. Jason has had to deal with similar censorship issues in the music industry where nationalist bands have been kicked off production labels for not being politically correct enough. It doesn’t matter if you sing about rape, drugs and bringing guns to school, just don’t start singing about love for your race.

All the mainstream news networks toe the same line, so you get an illusion of choice but in reality you just get the oligarch’s view. Germany is obviously the worst country in the world for this, but in Britain now the children’s toy company Lego are trying to force the Daily Mail to stop covering crimes that are carried out by ‘refugees’. The Mail has done a good job of waking people up to refugee crime and Rotherham so now the enemy is trying to pressure them into silence by blackmailing them through their advertising revenue. Hope Not Hate are pressuring all the companies that advertise in newspapers that do cover some of the racial crimes in an attempt to silence them. This is happening all over the world and it is a Soviet style tactic.

Jason thinks that whatever they do, the truth will come to the surface whether it is from alternative outlets or from word of mouth. In Soviet times it was all underground print publications, but today it is the internet that we use to get the truth out. We have the same reach that they do now we have the world wide web and all sorts of skill sets can be utilised on there, such as music, art and video as well as print journalism. People are switching off the TV and turning to websites for their information so if you have talents then it is your duty to use those skills in the service of your race, after all it was your ancestors who gave them to you.

The two hosts finish the podcast by discussing ways we can help push the Republicans into advocating for our policies now that they have seen the White working class are the people they need to be appealing to.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Jews Keep Jewing – DT 111516


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