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The Daily Traditionalist: Mohammedan Outrage in Ohio


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about the latest Mohammedan outrage at Ohio State University. While the professors are telling us that diversity is our strength, the students are being mowed down and butchered by this diversity. Although Heimbach would like to write most of them off as scum who deserve this, there are a growing number of Nationalist students making their presence felt at all universities now and particularly at this one. Tim Kaine has tweeted that he was sorry to see the gun violence, when there was no gun violence at all, it was a machete attack. The only gun used was by the police.

Multiculturalism is far more dangerous to us than having an armed population, or even giving actual chimpanzees weapons. Every culture has it’s own problem people and multiculturalism means we have to put up with every one of these problem types, instead of just having to put up with our own.

Predictable tweets mentioning senseless attacks and random killings have been popping up all over Twitter, but this was not random and it was not senseless. This was well thought out and entirely predictable, when you import savages into your country who hate you there will always be a percentage who will physically act out that hate.

After covering this topic the two hosts move on to pizzagate and how every disgusting thing you can think of has a place in our current system. How can somebody like Podesta become the most powerful person in the Clinton camp? A system that promotes people like this cannot be reformed, it needs to be destroyed. There is a lot of speculation and disinformation surrounding this topic, but there is never any smoke without fire. Parrott separates the fact from the fiction, but the reason why this stuff is so believable in the first place is because the Left are so degenerate.

The last part of the podcast covers the news just in that most of Aleppo has now been freed from the grip of the Islamic terrorists. This situation seemed hopeless for Assad a few years back, he was fighting against the might of the entire globalist establishment, yet he has prevailed. His people stuck by him and he stuck to his principles and now all his enemies in the West have been replaced and the Syrian government has triumphed.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Mohammedan Outrage in Ohio – DT 112916


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1 comment:

  1. When people realise that basic nature can't serve two masters, it becomes rather apparent that as many predatory parasites live on the American landmass as do in the Pariah state. Most of this applied neo-Bolshevik active disruptivism by HWhite-looking folks is quite kosher. Just as with the kosher main-line fake news media, the prosperity steeling banking system, the loss of host-folk social stability, the destruction of the family, etc, the parasite infestation has always been the CAUSE of the problem.