The Daily Traditionalist: The Nationalist Front Rally


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the start of a new week on The Daily Traditionalist. Both hosts have just got back from the Nationalist Front press conference and rally and Matt starts by reporting on that and outlining plans he has for a weekend conference in April. This conference will also be a charity event, to draw attention to how Nationalists help White people. Jason explains that there were a lot of different organisations represented there, who may have disagreed on a few things, but were all united by the 14 words. The idea is to form a pro-White political force along the lines that Commander Rockwell outlined and part of that has been an evolution in the symbols used, so the NSM have stopped using the swastika and are now using a Nordic rune instead.

Matt highlights the importance of being up to date and modern in order to appeal to the biggest number of people. The antifa do not appear to have evolved at all and are still using the same chants that they were 15 years ago. They were throwing vegetables at the police, their horses and against the NF, but there was really very few of them there. As they become weaker and their numbers become less, Matt thinks they will become more violent and expose themselves for being the bad people that they are. Even with the support of the sympathetic media and capitalist investment, their numbers are dwindling.

Matt explains how the antifa are playing catch-up with us and have even started trying to make podcasts aimed at the White working class. They have been having problems finding anyone to denounce us though as all their positions are anti-White. Where they want to start a class war, we wish to promote class co-operation. The opposition were very young and Jason believes this is because as soon as they grow up a bit they realise the hypocrisy in what they are doing. We call out the oligarchs, while the Left try to prevent us from doing this by accusing us of being anti-Semites. Where they are getting their support from George Soros and the state they end up being the ones who are actually defending the 1% that they claim to be against.

Matt’s speech that he gave there used Mussolini as a reference point to show how no matter what the Left does, we will always win. They may try to silence us at our rallies, but thanks to modern technology we can upload our speeches to the internet and reach tens of thousands more people than we ever could just at one demonstration.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: The Nationalist Front Rally – DT 110716

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