The Daily Traditionalist: Pumpkin Carving

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Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Traditionalist on Halloween and All Saint’s Day and they start by discussing pumpkin carving and how it engages all different ages among the community. In New York you run the risk of being beaten up for being White if you go out on Halloween and there is no chance of taking part in pumpkin carving with the neighbourhood. Matt points out that the metropolitan areas have lost all sense of community at folk festivals like Halloween and Christmas, turning them into generic celebrations of drunkenness and consumption. In the city you have to celebrate these occasions behind a door with 50 bolts and locks on it, instead of being outside meeting with your neighbours.

TWP are holding a Nationalist Thanksgiving Day for members of the party and Jason describes why the Leftists and ethnic minorities are always trying to prevent us getting together and celebrating our traditions. They are worried that the sense of folk community might stir the flame of ethnic solidarity within White people and we might realise what we are missing by not being around our own people all the time.

The conversation moves around to how the existence of Halloween shows that our traditions were not thrown away when we became Christian, they were just adapted to play a part within the new form of our faith. Matt brings up the example of Mayday and the Maypole and how the changing of the seasons has always been observed and thanks been given for the fruits we have been blessed with. Nothing that was useful to us was lost to us when we embraced Christianity, the folk festivals are proof of that. It was the intrusion of Judaism into the Church that really poisoned the well.

For the last part of the podcast the two hosts talk about the new Nationalist Front and the idea behind the visual design that Jason has been using. He wanted to steer away from any one group’s aesthetic and produce something that every one could agree with, so he centred it around the 14 words.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Pumpkin Carving – DT 110116

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