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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Daily Traditionalist: Racist Uncle and Alt-Right Nephew


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week. White Lives Matter were out in Texas this weekend and the great unwashed were out in force with their faces covered and hurling abuse at them, elsewhere in the country they were also at the NPI conference physically attacking Emily Youcis’ cameraman when she went out to interview them. These loathsome creatures are starting to get really violent, throwing foul-smelling liquids at people and punching them. Parrott sees this as the Jews trying to bring us down to their level by throwing their filth at us and Heimbach sees them as cornered and confused animals, he feels it can only be a matter of time before they kill someone.

In France a court has banned an advertisement that was aimed at preventing the abortion of down syndrome children because it portrayed a smiling baby. Heimbach reminds us that there are ways to promote the genetic health of a nation without having to murder babies in the womb. Down syndrome people cannot even reproduce, so there is no danger of harming the racial hygiene. The pope has now also back-tracked on abortion, saying that it is ok for Catholic women to do this to their children. Hopefully we will start seeing some changes in the way abortion is seen by the general public now that we have someone openly anti-abortion as president.

The two hosts also discuss Blue Lives Matter and it’s implicit Whiteness before moving on to Trump’s new appointments for the last part of the podcast. Steve Bannnon is not a White Nationalist, yet Jews are on the streets of New York claiming he is the reincarnation of Hitler and poised to start shoving them in the ovens. Bannon refers to the Jews as globalists, but this still helps us, as he is laying the framework for when a normie finally hears that actually it’s the Jews.

Parrott ends the show with a call to making use of thanksgiving to reach out to your family with our ideas.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Racist Uncle and Alt-Right Nephew – DT 112116


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