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The Daily Traditionalist: Walking on Sunshine


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the two hosts are still celebrating our momentous victory in America. The Left are behaving like spoilt brats who cannot get their own way, rioting, burning things and refusing to accept that they lost fair and square. Effigies of the Glorious Leader are being raised with a noose around his neck or being burnt, along with clear threats to ‘Kill Trump’. Sven points out that if anyone had done similar to an effigy of Obama when he became president, there would have been universal condemnation everywhere and race hate charges brought against everyone in the crowd.

This is exactly what we hoped for, Trump will have to crack down on this sort of behaviour once he is in office and White people everywhere must now be able to see the double standards. Obama himself has thrown a hissy fit and is refusing to have the traditional photoshoot with the president elect. Sven points out that this may be more an example of Negroid behaviour than Leftist behaviour, as at least Clinton had the decency to accept defeat and make a speech deferring to the winner.

The Mexican peso has fallen to record lows in anticipation of jobs moving back to America and Matt explains why this is actually a good thing for Mexico, as they will have to start making things for themselves once again. Nationalism is always good, no matter what country it is for. The media is now having to talk about Trump’s ideas sensibly and how can anyone disagree with America putting America first? They have already cut back on the attacks on him and are now finally starting to accept that there will be no more abortion on demand, no more Moslem invasion, there will be deportations, there will be a wall and there will be an economic boom in America not seen this side of 1930s Germany.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Walking on Sunshine – DT 111016


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