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The Stormer Report: A Referendum on Western Civilisation


Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks for the final Stormer Report before the referendum on western civilisation begins. The whole podcast is dedicated to the upcoming election, the arguments people should be using to persuade people to vote Trump and what we can expect to see happen once he takes power.

Lee begins by giving us an update on the latest wikileaks emails to be released showing the many crimes of Hillary Clinton. This wicked hag literally put the state department up for sale. It looks like the real purpose for the Clinton Foundation was to launder the bribes that she was taking to do special favours for the various Jews, Arabs, perverts and other globalists that needed the administration for anything. A law changing here, an arms deal there, no favour was off limits so long as the money was right. How could this piece of dirt ever be considered for the office of president? Lee explains how there is a precedent in law for presidents to pardon other presidents and suggests that if she gets in, Obama could pardon her or she could even pardon herself. 

After discussing the many crimes of Trump’s opponent, Lee and Sven talk about some of the policies that Trump has promised to carry out and what the knock-on effect of his presidency could be on the rest of the world. He wants to create safe spaces in Syria for the refugees to go to, so they are no longer invading Europe and America. He would get the Arabs to pay for this and once it was done, there would be no excuse for European governments to allow any of them onto the continent and the ones who have already broken in, could easily be deported to them.  Any politicians with a conscience who have been keeping quiet in Europe, would also have the courage to speak up against the invasion if the president of America was against it too.

A common criticism of Trump is that he is not Hitler enough, but anyone speaking like Hitler now would not get anywhere near a chance to be the president of America. He may not name the Jew, but all the crimes he draws attention to have Jews behind them, his new advert even features three Jews as the main villains. This election has exposed the whole system as being totally compromised, not just the lying media, but the FBI, Hollywood, the music industry, the Democrats, even foreign governments have taken part in the global conspiracy to put crooked Hillary on the throne. She has to be stopped and there is only one way to do that and one man to do that, the glorious leader himself, so get out there and vote and make sure that everyone you know votes for him too.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: A Referendum on Western Civilisation – SR 110716


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