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Truth Will Out Radio: Congoid Horror on the Rhine


Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks present another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at the Congoid invasion of Germany’s Saar land in the 1920s. Over 40,000 armed Blacks were imported into the country when the Germans were unable to keep up the crippling repayments to France after the Versaille treaty. These violent monsters raped and pillaged their way across the country the same as they are doing now to the rest of Europe, safe in the knowledge that the Jewish media would cover up their crimes. Women and children were not safe to go out on their own and the unarmed German men were unable to defend them, the same as it is today in parts of Sweden and Germany.

A pamphlet entitled ‘Horror on the Rhine’ details some of the effects of this treason to Europe. Men, women and children from six to sixty six were raped and abused, many of them coming away from the tragedy with syphilis. There was so much venereal disease brought into Germany by them that hospitals could not cope and they were overflowing with the sick. Villages were forced to open brothels with German women in them to service these beasts and the villagers that resisted were court martialled. Queues of Negroes stretched for miles around as they awaited their turn and it was admitted by the French that if women were not provided for them, the Congoids would just rape anything that moved.

Dennis thinks this could have been the first instance of Kalergi’s plan being put into action. There was no reason given for why the French imported Blacks to do the job when they had an army of White French soldiers already on the continent, but the government of the time was riddled with Freemasons and Kalergi was a high ranking Mason who was greatly admired by the lodge members. By the time Hitler came to power, there were already thousands of Mulattoes that had been born who were keen to pollute the German nation with their African blood. In order to protect the unborn children from being dispossessed of their ancestors and inheritance like this, most of those Mulattoes were sterilised and some even fought on the side of Germany in the war.

Dennis and Sven discuss the parallels between this attempted genocide of Germans and what is happening to Europe today, before finishing with some brief commentary on Merkel’s decision to run again for office in Germany.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Congoid Horror on the Rhine – TWOR 112516


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    4. Pepe, you do realise that it is the Jew's Talmud that says that Jesus was the son of a Jewish whore?

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      If you keep spamming Jewish propaganda against Christ I will have to remove your comments.

  3. @ Longshanks, The Best: I'm trying to scroll recent episodes to find your reference to a book or blog on Hollywood supremacists and anti-white references you mentioned. Haven't found it. Where can I read this?